Orchid care: ‘Most important thing’ to remember when watering your orchids – garden advice

The Home Depot advises on how best to water an Orchid

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Orchids can be easy to maintain indoors if they are cared for properly. If you keep your orchids happy and healthy, they can last for years and re-bloom with beautiful, vibrant plants. Unlike most houseplants, orchids don’t need to be kept moist all the time.

If they’re too moist, their roots can actually rot.

In fact, most orchid plants only need a splash of water every seven to 10 days.

Before watering, you need to make sure your plant is in the right potting mix.

Eileen, The Home Depot’s own orchid expert said orchids need repotting every year to ensure they get fresh nutrients.

The orchid expert also said they need watering weekly.

However, one of the “most important” things when watering an orchid is drainage.

Eileen said: “As you water every week or so, your plant will enjoy the water but the water will start to degrade and decompose the potting medium.

“Over time, the potting medium will actually form into a soil and that will constrict the roots and cause it to absorb too much water which will lead to root rot.

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“Now that we repotted the orchid, it’s time to water it.

“I like to water it thoroughly and, as we mentioned, the roots cannot sit in standing water or they’ll rot so the most important thing is to make sure it’s fully drained.”

Eileen pulled the container out of its decorative pot to allow the water to drain out.

She continued: “I’m going to go ahead and pull out the pot.

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“If there’s a lot of water coming out and a lot of water in the beautiful pot, I like to make sure that it drains thoroughly.

“The whole point of the exercise is to make sure that the medium gets wet, it’s moistened and it will give the appropriate amount of water and nutrients to the roots.

“This way, you can’t overwater it.”

When the weather is warmer, your plant may need watering more than once a week.

The size of your orchid will also determine how often you need to water it.

A six-inch pot needs watering every seven days while a four to five-inch pot may need watering every five or six days.

Too much watering can also lead to fungus and gnats.

Green roots often mean your orchids are getting the right amount of water.

Grey or white roots mean it’s getting underwater.

Meanwhile, soggy or brown roots mean it’s overwatered.

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