Orchid care: Plant expert shares how to prune orchids or risk ‘ruining your plant’

Viewers learn how to care for their orchids from professional

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Gardening expert Michael Perry, also known as Mr Plant Geek, has shared more tips on how to care for your orchids at home. Michael shared how to prune orchids and why you need to do it correctly on ITV’s This Morning in 2018. The plant pro also shared how to use household items to keep plants looking healthy.

Michael spoke to Davina McCall and Ore Oduba about the common house plants.

When orchid flowers start to look faded and dead, you will need to remove them.

Michael demonstrated the technique on a healthy orchid stem.

He said: “Taking off the dead flowers. Now, these flowers are clearly not dead but I’m going to show you just to demonstrate.

“We’re going to take them off there.”

Michael removed a small stem from the main stem of the plant.

He explained: “So you’re always going to take your dead flowers off along the stem.

“You’re not going to cut the whole stem off.

“If you look here you’ve got small extra buds that will come and develop.”

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Michael showed viewers multiple green buds which were sprouting off the plant’s main stem.

He added: “If you cut the whole stem off you’re going to ruin your plant.

“That’s where a lot of people go wrong with their orchids.

“Take off the individual florets along the stem, rather than the whole stem.

“They are hopefully your tips to success.”

Mr Plant Geek also explained how to use banana skin as a tonic for orchids.

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He said to puree an inch of banana skin and mix it with two cups of water.

Another household hack for your orchids is to use tea bags to make your plant look more glossy.

He said: “Tea bags. Empty those around the orchids once a month to give them nitrogen in order to help the plants look glossier and healthier.”

Other suggestions included using eggshells around the plants to give them calcium and milk to give the plant’s leaves more of a shine.

Ore asked Michael how often orchid owners need to use these techniques.

Michael explained: “Banana water you’re going to do two or three times a year.

“Tea bags once a month. Egg shells every couple of months.

“It’s all in your store cupboard at home.

“You don’t need any special fertilisers or chemicals.”

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