Orchid care: Plant expert shares where to ‘avoid’ keeping orchids – ‘keep them away!’

The Home Depot explains best temperatures for orchids

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Orchids can automatically brighten up a room with their stunning blooms and fragrant scents. However, they can be high maintenance depending on the variety you buy. Watering, temperature, humidity, repotting and pruning are just some of the aspects you need to think about when caring for an orchid.

In a video for The Home Depot, Eileen shared her tips for looking after orchids.

Eileen is an indoor house plant expert who shared her advice on how to maintain orchids using the correct care techniques.

One of the most important factors for looking after orchids is their surrounding temperature.

Eileen said: “Remember, your plant likes a warm environment the temperatures between 60F (15.5C) and 70F (21C) maybe 80F (26.6C), you want to avoid draught – no cold spaces.

“You want to make sure that the plant is not subjected to sudden temperature drops.

“Keep them away from hot air registers and cool vents.”

Most orchid types will be okay if the temperature does not exceed 90F or 32C.

Temperatures that high will make the plant stressed so shouldn’t be sustained.

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Some plants need a period in cooler temperatures in order to flower.

With the weather getting cooler in the UK, some orchid owners may be concerned about how their orchids will cope.

Many orchids will tolerate temperatures that go down to 30F (-1C).

However, orchids may get damaged if they’re exposed to frost frequently.

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Another aspect of orchid care is their humidity.

Eileen said: “Humidity is very important to orchids.

“You want to have at least 50 percent relative humidity in your home.

“It’s also best for you too.

“Lower humidity can present a problem for the orchids.

“It may drop leaves, it may turn brown.

“So if you find that you’ve got a very low humidity home, and if you aren’t able to increase the humidity, you may want to put the plant in a pebble tray and add water.

“The water will increase the local humidity near the leaves of the orchid but it won’t harm the roots which is the most important thing.”

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