Over 9,800 Amazon Shoppers Love This Outdoor Side Table That Doubles as a Cooler – and It's Only $83

As the weather gets warmer, people are preparing their patios for spring and summer outdoor entertaining. Getting a pergola, hanging string lights around trees and canopies, or purchasing a new patio furniture set are all good options, but there are simpler (and more affordable) ways to revamp your deck or backyard space. The Keter Pacific Cool Bar Outdoor Side Table and Cooler is the best-selling patio bar table on Amazon, and over 9,800 shoppers have given it a five-star rating. 

The accent table may look like a basic model at its 22-inch height, but you can lift the lid 10 inches from the rim to transform it into a drink station. The base of the table acts as a 7.5-gallon cooler that you can fill with ice to chill dozens of 12-ounce cans or a few bottles of wine and prosecco on the spot. The insulated cooler can keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours and even has a drainage plug at the bottom to effortlessly dispose of melted ice.

Buy It! Keter Pacific Cool Bar Outdoor Side Table and Cooler, $82.99; amazon.com

The classic rattan-style accent table is made from weather-resistant resin, so you won't have to worry about damage from heavy winds or rain, and it comes in brown and dark gray colors. Thousands of Amazon shoppers praise it as the perfect hot tub table and say it's been a conversation starter at their socially distanced outdoor gatherings this past year.

"Love this table," one reviewer wrote. "It fits perfectly with my patio furniture, and I love the idea that it is a cooler! I am so happy because when I finally got to try it out to find out how 'cool' it keeps my drinks, it really worked! It was a hot and sunny day (92 degrees), and I was able to use it all day. Even when I woke up the next day, the drinks were still cold with some ice leftover! This is way better than I expected for the money!"

Another reviewer said, "This was a unique design for a cooler and it was super easy to install. When we had a BBQ, family and friends were amazed at how it acted as both a table and cooler. They were left wanting one too!"

"Absolutely LOVE this," this reviewer said. "I bought two for our fire pit area and they are just perfect! When we entertain, everyone is always super impressed! Even if you don't use them for the cooler, the table itself is nice. They're pretty and versatile. What else could you ask for?"

Instead of hauling out a bulky cooler, grab the Keter Outdoor Side Table and Cooler for only $83 on Amazon.

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