Pastel tiled homeware is the micro trend your living room is missing

Tiled homeware is the pastel-hued interior design trend of the moment. Whether it be a tiled plinth or coffee table, or perhaps a candy-coloured tiled vase or ornament, this Scandi-style aesthetic is taking over.

Pastel-hued homeware has been all over Instagram for a while now. But while the masses are wild for blush pink accessories and creative wall paint ideas, it’s homeware with a tiled aesthetic that’s the trend of the moment.  

This look is a favourite of independent brands and as social media users’ obsession with homeware continues to grow, more micro trends like this are being created. 

Tiled homeware may still be a growing trend, but already there are both furniture and home accessory styles to choose from. Plinths and benches, for example, make for a fashionable bedside table, coffee table or lamp stand. While, tiled coasters, lamps, trays or planters are perfect if you just want to nod to the look.

By Maza is one of the female-founded independent candle and homeware brands which started right at the beginning of lockdown, pioneering a movement that many have joined in starting their own interior brands from home. 

By Maza’s founder, Maisie, started her brand by creating candles in pastel colours, but since then she’s branched out to tiled furniture. “I first started seeing this particular trend all over Pinterest about a year ago and I loved the look of slick tiled furniture against soft furnishings. It offered a fresh kind of contemporary,” she explains to

“I’ve always loved tiles and architecture; whether they’re Moroccan terracotta tiles or hand painted tiles from the Mediterranean – they’re an art from. If you love the aesthetic too, then I recommend following Instagram account @DTile. It showcases the funkiest tiled rooms with amazingly unique curved tiles.”

“However over the past year, I’ve personally noticed a huge shift in retail and the way that we consume. Our values and attitudes to life are changing and how we shop has shifted from craving instant gratification to being far more conscious of what we’re actually spending our money on. So with that being said, I do feel like people are more inclined to spend on items they know have been sustainably hand-crafted, which all of our pieces are.”

If you’re keen to get your hands on a tiled piece for your home, check out our tiled homeware edit below.

  • By Maza tiled plinth

    Tiled homeware: By Maza pink plinth

    This dreamy tiled plinth is handmade in London using a wooden base and porcelain tiles. The cube has six identical sides and is slightly taller than it is wide, making it a perfect plinth for displaying candles, vases, ornaments or a lamp. 

    All pieces are made with white grout but if you would like a bespoke colour you’re more than welcome to request it, which would give your plinth a unique spin.

    You can choose between matte pink, matte white or glossy white for your plinth’s overall colour. By Maza has creates benches and decorative mini cubes.

    Shop tiled plinth at By Maza, £299

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  • Klevering mint green tiled vase

    Tiled homeware: mint tiled vase

    Klevering has a lovely selection of candy-coloured, tiled vases which would look stylish on a self or mantlepiece. 

    This tall, mint green version is a perfect all-rounder, made from dolomite. But, if a citrus orange or pale violet are what floats your boat, then you’ll be pleased to know more colours are availble.

    Shop mint green tiled vase at Klevering, £35

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  • Lazy Home

    Lazy Home sells a mix of vintage and new homewares but touts itself as ‘the home of the tiled coasters’, so it’s clear that the brand is a big fan of the tiled aesthetic. 

    The next drop date hasn’t been announced, but we’ll be looking out for these tiled coasters when it is. After all, if you’re not ready to commit to a whole plinth, a coaster on your coffee table is the perfect nod. 

    So far, Lazy Home has experimented with pink, khaki, charcoal and purple, but watch out for the next batch to find out which colours will be available.

    Shop tiled coasters at Lazy Home, from £5 (next drop TBC)

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Images: By Maza / courtesy of brands

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