People Are Actually Tossing Their $400 Vacuums in the Dumpster After Getting This $70 Bissell One

A vacuum cleaner that has impressive suction power and a lightweight build is hard to come by. The combination separates a good vacuum from a great one, allowing you to deep clean hardwood floors and carpets with pain-free ease. If you’re searching for a lightweight vacuum that can remove pet hair, dirt, and dust, without spending a fortune, thousands of Amazon shoppers say the $70 Bissell AeroSwift Compact Vacuum is the one they prefer over other vacuums that cost upward of $400. 

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The Bissell AeroSwift vacuum has shocked multiple reviewers who call it “amazing” and say the “suction power is ‘wow.’” Whether you have tiled floors or shaggy carpets, the multi-surface vacuum can tackle it all thanks to its 6.2 amps of power and its long, 30-foot cord. It’s also designed with five height adjustments that’ll respond to your carpet’s length and have your space “cleaned to the heavens.”

Buy It! Bissell AeroSwift Compact Vacuum, $70;

What’s interesting about the AeroSwift vacuum is its cyclone-like cleaning design that sucks up and spins dander and hair in the dirt tank. It pulls debris away from the filter to keep it cleaner longer. And because versatility is important in cleaning products, you’ll love that the Bissell vacuum also comes with three attachable tools to dust and remove crumbs from hard-to-reach places, like your sofa.

Best of all? Shoppers say the compact vacuum is both powerful and manageable due to its 12-pound design. Its light weight makes it painless to carry up and down stairs, and the easy-to-push wheels have even shoppers with arthritis saying it’s a breeze to “pick up and move about within the house.”

The best-selling vacuum cleaner has racked up over 2,200 five-star ratings from reviewers who love it so much, they’re replacing their old vacuums (even more expensive ones) with the Bissell AeroSwift. One shopper even says they have “officially put the other in the dumpster.” 

“This vacuum is actually better than my Dyson, if you can believe that!” writes one Amazon shopper. “Dyson died recently; just needed a quick replacement for small spots. It’s excellent!”

If you’re in need of a new vacuum that can clean intensely without putting pressure on your joints, opt for the best-selling Bissell AeroSwift Compact Vacuum that’s just $70.

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