People Can’t Stop Buying This TikTok-Loved Carpet Cleaner That Removes ‘Years Worth’ of Dirt and Stains

At this point, you're probably aware that "cleaning TikTok" is a thing. Tons of people on the platform have been posting about products that will finally give you the spotless home of your dreams, from multipurpose cleaners like The Pink Stuff (which has over 23,500 five-star ratings) to Tineco's vacuum-mop hybrid. One cleaning appliance you'll come across often is this portable carpet and upholstery cleaner, which has racked up 42.7 million views under the hashtag #littlegreenmachine.

Before its rise to TikTok fame, the Bissell Little Green Machine was already a customer-favorite item. The appliance has over 15,200 five-star Amazon ratings and is one of the top ten best-selling carpet cleaning machines on the site. The spot cleaner is designed to deep clean and target tough stains by combining water and Bissell's special cleaning solution with a powerful suction. While it's  not a steam cleaner (the brand recommends using warm water since it doesn't heat up), many hoppers note that it  "still cleans really well" and is easier to use thanks to its small size.

TikTokers have been showcasing how it removes spots from their couches, car seats, mattresses, and more.

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Amazon customers say the machine gets rid of "years worth" of stains and dirt, and that it's "worth its weight in gold."

"This thing is amazing," one raved. "I got this originally to get the cat pee off my couch, but ever since I've cleaned my car, my boyfriend's car, my carpet, my couch, my mattress, you name it. It will get wine, oil, blood, cat pee, [mystery stains], that Cheeto powder — pretty much anything. It's super satisfying to clean with it, too."

Many people say they're shocked to discover how dirty their couches and carpets actually are after using the Bissell cleaner. Another user said: "The amount of filth that came out of some of my surfaces was both satisfying and horrifying."

Bissell also has several other spot cleaners available, including the SpotClean ProHeat (which functions more like a traditional steam cleaner since it uses heat to keep the water warm) and the cordless Pet Stain Eraser. Since Bissell's products have seen a rise in popularity thanks to TikTok, both of these items are currently backordered, but you can still add them to your cart — just expect a later shipping date.

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Given the hype from TikTok users and Amazon shoppers alike, it sounds like the Little Green Machine is a must-have for anyone looking for a deeper clean without the hassle of a larger device.

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