People Love This Lightweight Cooling Blanket So Much, They 'Can't Imagine a Night Without It'

If you’re a hot sleeper who kicks off all the covers at night, a cooling blanket could be just what you need. That way, you can experience the comfort and coziness of curling up under a blanket without the night sweats. Amazon shoppers are obsessing over a blanket that’s so thin and breathable, one states they “can’t imagine a night without it.”

The Laghcat Cooling Blanket is made from bamboo fiber fabric that reviewers describe as soft, lightweight, and “cool to the touch.” It’s designed to absorb body heat and disperse it, keeping you much cooler than a typical blanket would. Because the blanket is less than 3 pounds, it’ll keep you from feeling weighed down or suffocated on hot summer nights.

The best-selling blanket comes in 11 designs, including checkered and diamond patterns, as well as colors like pink, purple, light blue, and gray. Sizes go from 51 by 63 inches to 90 by 108 inches; you can choose your blanket’s dimensions based on whether you’ll be using it for sleeping, lounging, or going on road trips. You can throw the blanket in the washing machine to clean it — the brand recommends putting the blanket in a laundry bag (like one of these $8 ones) and air-drying for best results.

Buy It! Laghcat Cooling Blanket, $30.99;

Hot sleepers and women going through menopause claim the lightweight blanket has significantly improved their quality of sleep. Other Amazon shoppers say they’re buying the blanket for their family members and their partners because it’s just that good.

“My husband sweats a ton in his sleep,” one said. “Before I got this blanket, I couldn’t kiss him when he got out of bed in the morning because he stunk so badly. This blanket is freaking magic; he doesn’t sweat anymore! I love this blanket and have already told everyone about it, so now all my family members are ordering it.”

“For several years, I haven’t been able to sleep with anything heavier than a sheet because I get so overheated, my pillow is soaked after four hours,” another chimed in. “This blanket cured that problem. It weighs enough that you can feel it and is thick enough to trick your body into thinking it’s under a real blanket, while remaining soft and temperature-neutral.”

Hotter temperatures are becoming the new normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to be up all night tossing and turning as a result. Order the Laghcat Cooling Blanket on Amazon today — prices start at $31.

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