Pest warning: Britons report ladybird ‘swarms’ entering homes – ecologist explains why

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Some Britons may have noticed a throng of ladybirds descending on their homes over the last few days. In fact, some homeowner have taken to Twitter to share their experience of the strange phenomenon. Some people have described the pest invasion as a “plague” and a “sign of the end of days”.

Twitter user Giles Kristian said: “A plague of ladybirds on my walls and windows, trying to get into the house.

“Surely the last sign of the End of Days.”

Another user who goes by the name @BiteYourBrum said: “My balcony appears to be overrun by ladybirds.

“Not seen one here ever before but today there’s 172903299402 of them.”

Twitter user Beth Richards wrote: “Never mind the bees this year but just walked through the door and nearly got attacked by a swarm of ladybirds.”

Sharon Hodgson tweets: “What’s with the ladybird invasion?”

While Mark Deffley said: “What’s with this plague of chuffing ladybirds everywhere??”

However, accredited Ecologist Dean Wilson from said the incredible phenomenon is nothing to be concerned about.

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He said the spectacle is down to ideal warm weather conditions overlapping with the natural hibernation season of the insects.

He said: “We had a sudden turn in the weather conditions last week – a cold snap which signalled hibernation season.

“Then the warm weather this week has presented an opportunity for the insects to (all at once) find a safe home for winter in ideal conditions”.

The sudden swarm of ladybirds can feel unnerving for those who dislike insects.

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But Mr Wilson said the “invasion” is only likely to last for a week at the most.

He continued: “It’s likely surprising to see so many ladybirds at once, but they’re not here to take over and it’s likely that they’ll be gone as quickly as they arrived.

“I wouldn’t expect the ‘swarms’ to stay for longer than one week at the most.”

The insects are completely harmless and can actually eat aphids and other small insects that damage plants.

The ecologist recommends leaving them alone if you find them in your house.

He said: “We have very little to fear from ladybirds.

“They are completely harmless – they’ll likely overwinter in a dormant state in or around your home during winter – then fly away in spring to find food and mate.”

“I would encourage the general public to enjoy the spectacle and be thankful for the range of benefits Ladybirds bring to the garden.”

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