Phillip Schofield shares stunning photo of sunset from his garden

Anyone who follows Phillip Schofield on social media will know that the This Morning star has been spending plenty of time in his gorgeous garden this week, but on Thursday, the 58-year-old shared his most amazing photo yet. 

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Phillip captured the evening’s stunning sunset, and the image is sure to take your breath away.

“Well that’s pretty,” he wrote, alongside a photo of the bright orange sky. 

Phil shared the beautiful photo on Instagram 

In the foreground of Phillip’s image, the Oxfordshire countryside’s rolling landscape was just about visible, and the setting was the picture of tranquillity. 

Phillip is spending the summer with his wife Stephanie and their two daughters Molly and Ruby in their beautiful countryside home, and has been using his time off from This Morning to do a little DIY.

He revealed on Thursday that he was transforming the family garden.

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Phillip has been indulging in some DIY 

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The doting dad filmed a clip of himself with a chainsaw in hand, having cut down a selection of enormous trees, which were seen lying on a gravelled area at the back of the house.

“One man, one chainsaw, oh yeah…,” he said, as he appeared particularly sweaty after completing the job. 

The space was lined with a wooden fence, and more tall bushes which Phillip had yet to tackle.

As the evening came to a close, Phillip also revealed a look at the family’s fire pit. 

He videoed it and wrote: “Reflective fire-pit.”

Phillip has given various looks inside the family’s garden before now. 

When he shared a photo of himself promoting his new wine range with Craft Gin Club, he inadvertently revealed a blooming wisteria bush on the patio that wraps around the windows of the property.

With a garden and views like that, we expect Phillip and his family won’t be moving from their outdoor space all summer long! 

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