Pinterest has released 5 top trending décor looks for Christmas and it’s foliage heaven

Brush up on this year’s most on-trend Christmas decor with Pinterest.

Pinterest is the place to find decor inspiration. The image-sharing platform is home to millions of pictures of dreamy homes, beautiful interior design ideas and crafty makes to try. 

We love mooning over these images all year round, but even more so at Christmas, when we want our homes to look extra cosy. That’s why we’ve gone straight to the source and asked Pinterest HQ what are the biggest decor trends for Christmas this year.

Pinterest has reported a 50% increase in searches for ‘Christmas window decorations and three times as many searches for ‘Christmas window painting’. A spokesperson for Pinterest says: “[This demonstrates that] more people are wanting to inspire positivity for their neighbours around them after a year that’s been so challenging. 

“By decorating the exteriors of their homes in creative ways to inspire festive, heart-warming magic, people around the UK are showing solidarity within their local communities.”

We’re also seeing the dried flower and foliage trends carry through from summer as botanical details such as hanging eucalyptus and dried fruits used as decorations are also big on the platform. 

Below you’ll find five of the biggest Christmas decor trends for 2020 with inspiration on how to make them work in your home. Plus, because of Pinterest’s new shopping feature, you can also shop products which have been pinned straight from a store. Look for the ‘shop’ tab which shows products from or inspired by Pins that you like. 

If you’re looking for more Christmas decor tips, check out our edit of the best Christmas tree baubles and cottagecore decorations.

  • Hanging eucalyptus

    Eucalyptus is the perfect all rounder plant. Not only is its pale green hue very stylish, but it also has a light, fresh fragrance and lasts for weeks if not months.

    Eucalyptus is also very diverse. It looks great in spring and summer but also has a festive feel, too. 

    A simple way, according to Pinterest users, to make your home look seasonal is to hang big bunches of these leaves upside down to decorate walls, mantle pieces or door handles.

    Accessorise it with a silk or (an especially festive) velvet ribbon or try rustic twine.

  • Dried fruit and cinnamon Christmas tree decorations

    Food is such a huge part of Christmas time it makes sense to incorporate the delicious treats we associate with this season into the decorations, too.

    Oranges, lemons and redcurrants look almost like shiny jewels when dried, making them very pretty ornaments. Plus, their faint smell reminds us of things like mulled wine, creating a holistic experience. 

    String them together as a garland to hang around the home, tie to a loop of string and hang on the tree or make a centrepiece by positioning them on some fir branches down the middle of the table. 

  • Indoor Christmas wreaths

    Christmas wreaths have been big news this year. Everyone we know has been revelling in making their own at home with a DIY kit, because whether you have a fancy front door or not, wreaths look lovely whereever they’re positioned. 

    In fact, we think they look particularly nice inside because you’re able to look at them all day. 

    You could position yours on the back of a door like the example from Pinterest pictured above, above a fireplace, leant against a mantle piece or on a door handle.

  • Fireplace garland

    This is a really easy way to make your home look festive and takes minimum effort. 

    If you have a fireplace, simply lay your chosen garland across it, easing it behind any vases, ornaments or candlesticks you might have on there. 

    We love the slightly wild look, so recommend letting the ends drop down either side for an unpolished finish.

  • Christmas window decorations

    This is the time for spreading Christmas cheer and something that’s bound to make your neighbours smile is a window decoration.

    There are plenty of ways to try this trend; you could use window stickers of snowflakes or festive scenes and stick them onto the glass. Or, try using clear tape to fix a string of fairy lights around the inside frame of your windows which will make them twinkle for those walking past.

Images: The White Company / Pinterest 

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