Pyrex's New Mickey Mouse Collection Is Available Now at Amazon

Earlier this year, Pyrex and Corelle released sets of food storage containers and plates embellished with images of classic Mickey Mouse scenes. Each of the serving or storage pieces features a colorful Mickey illustration with decorative quotes or words, such as "Oh boy!" They're also cheerfully adorned with polka dots and coordinated with colorful lids.

When they were first released, however, the limited-edition kitchenware was only available on and Then, they were briefly available on Amazon a few weeks ago, but they sold out rapidly. Now, however, they're restocked, and you can buy both sets of magical glassware from Amazon.

Pyrex's Mickey Mouse Storage Containers are available as an eight-piece set with two 4-cup round containers with lids and two 3-cup rectangle containers with lids. The rectangle containers have green and yellow lids, and the two containers are decorated with yellow and red dots and images of a waving Mickey. The two round containers have blue and red lids with green and blue dots and iconic images of the anthropomorphic mouse.

Buy it: Pyrex Mickey Mouse 8-Piece Food Storage Set, $39.99;

These adorned containers are excellent for housing leftovers, or you can meal prep and use them to store the components of your dishes for the week. Don't forget you're OK to freeze in these containers, too. They can safely go to your freezer and are microwave- and oven-safe.

Corelle Brands, parent company of both Corelle and Pyrex, also added their new Mickey Mouse 8.5-Inch Salad Lunch Plates and Mickey Mouse 6.75-Inch Appetizer Plates to Amazon. The triple-layer-strong glass plates are resistant to cracks and chips, which means you can safely serve these to the kids (or the young at heart).

The larger salad plates feature illustrations of the original Mickey cartoons in black, with colorful words like "Cool Never Stops" and "The True Original." On the smaller appetizer plates, the same vibrant colors used throughout this Mickey Mouse series are used with the colorful sketches.

Buy it: Corelle Mickey Mouse 8.5-Inch Salad Lunch Plates, $44.99/set of 8;

Buy it: Corelle Mickey Mouse 6.75-Inch Appetizer Plates, $39.99/set of 8;

Each set features eight plates, enough to complete a full table setting. They're also dishwasher safe and can be used in a microwave. They're resistant enough to be used daily for a hint of magic at every meal, but they're also easy to pair with other dishes and silverware for a fun dinner or birthday party.

If you want all Pyrex and the Corelle plates, you can order a set that includes all the Mickey Mouse collection. The full 8-piece Pyrex set is paired with six lunch and six appetizer plates for $125. And if you are an Amazon Prime member, you could even get free two-day shipping to get these sets quickly.

This article originally appeared on AllRecipes.

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