Queen’s Platinum Jubilee honoured with canopy garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

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Centred around the importance of planting sustainably, The Queen’s Green Canopy garden is designed to encourage individuals to play their part in helping to protect the environment by planting trees. The initiative will also pay homage the Queen’s 70-year reign, while creating a legacy in her honour.

The green space will feature a woodland comprised of 21 trees, including Hornbeam, Beech and multi-stemmed Swedish Birch.

The trees will be positioned amongst a carpet of grassland, with a vibrant wildflower meadow.

Among the 3,500 plants being showcased will be an Anemone ‘September Charm’, along with box ball hedges and a Saxifraga ‘Kinki Purple’ to provide effective ground cover.

To represent the importance of biodiversity, a sculpture featuring a trio of hay bales will conjure up images of the countryside, while demonstrating how land can be utilised efficiently.

David Dodd, who designed the green space, said: “I have built many gardens at RHS Chelsea but this is the first one I have designed and I am so passionate about the message of the garden. 

“I really hope it encourages everyone across the country to get involved in tree planting.

“Whether it be a small single tree in someone’s garden, or getting involved in community projects to plant new woodlands or forests, we can all do our part in creating better habitats for wildlife and helping fight climate change.

“And happily – October is the perfect time to plant trees,” added David.

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The initiative aims to highlight the benefits of trees in helping with a range of factors, including slowing the impact of climate change, cleaning the air, improving people’s health and wellbeing and creating a habitat for a range of wildlife.

Individuals are being encouraged to plant a tree at the beginning of the tree planting season in October and to the end of the Jubilee year in 2022.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show will take place during the autumn for the first time since its inception, due to the event being postponed because of the pandemic.

During an interview on Good Morning Britain earlier this week, gardening expert, Alan Titchmarsh, highlighted that the change in season would make a dramatic difference in the range of plants on show at this year’s event. 

He said: “It will make a huge difference to what you’ll see at Chelsea Flower show because, of course, we’re in a completely different season we’re almost two seasons away from where we were.

“It was traditionally the third week in May and has been for over a century, when it’s shifted from late summer to very early autumn, you get a whole different plant palette.”

Hoping the Queen’s planting initiative will encourage people to get involved in the scheme, Sir Nicholas Bacon, Chair of The Queen’s Green Canopy, said: “We hope the garden at the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show inspires millions of people across the United Kingdom to get involved and ‘Plant a Tree for the Jubilee’.

“The Jubilee is an important event – in 2022, The Queen will become the first Monarch in English history to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee – 70 years of service.

“The Queen’s Green Canopy is giving everyone the opportunity to celebrate this remarkable milestone by planting trees with care, at the right time of year, in the right place so they will thrive for generations to come.”

Following the event, the trees featured in the garden will be relocated to the RHS Garden Bridgewater in Salford, Greater Manchester.

They will then be planted to create three new copses of trees within the Victoria Meadow.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show will take place between September 21 and September 26.

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