Refresh your home with these Instagram-approved ceramic pieces

In need of a little interiors update? A new pop-up from ceramics influencer Jessica Charge and Arddun Stores might be just what you need.

If you wander over to Jessica Charge’s Instagram page – @ihavethisthingwithceramics – you’re immediately whisked into a carefully curated world of pottery from artists across the world.

Jessica uses her page to bring brilliant works and her love of ceramics to light in one picturesque space – and the Southampton-based graphic designer plans to take her curation into the real world with a pop-up collaboration with Arddun Stores.

“I present ceramics on a grid, but with this, people can go and see it for themselves in real life, which is very exciting,” she tells Stylist.

The Arddun Stores x I Have This Thing With Ceramics pop-up will see exclusive work from nine ceramic artists showcased in a month-long exhibition in the luxury homeware store.

Described as part exhibition and part shopping experience, Arddun Stores and Jessica aim to celebrate the skill, craftsmanship and beauty of ceramics while providing a platform for independent businesses to shine –a key ethos behind Jessica’s Instagram page.

“I started my Instagram a few years ago, mainly to curate all the beautiful ceramics I was seeing,” she says.

“But as it’s quite large now, some people were saying a lot of ceramics accounts do paid posts. People can just pay to have their work featured and I never wanted to do that really, I wanted to post the pieces that I loved.

“But it got me thinking: how can I use the account now to do something interesting and creative? I decided that I wanted to do something that could provide creative inspiration and could be enjoyable.” 

Jessica reached out to artists to work with and was soon approached by Arddun about collaborating on a pop-up.

“They reached out about doing a ceramics pop-up, which was exactly the sort of thing that I wanted to do.

“It’s great to use my page for something interesting and to help small businesses and to give them a bit of a boost.”

The pieces on sale include hand-painted teapots from Parisian ceramics studio Top Top, colourful glazed bowls from Lola Moreau and graphic terracotta vases from Essex-based Lydia Hardwick.

“I made a shortlist of more than nine artists and I tried to get a variety of people in there from around the world and we worked with those who liked the idea and the opportunity to be a part of this pop-up.

“I’d love to do this again in future and make this an annual thing.”

The Arddun Stores x I Have This Thing With Ceramics pop-up will run from 4-31 October.

Images: Images by Arddun

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