Regencycore is the Bridgerton-inspired decor trend you need to see

Step into the sets of your favourite period dramas with the regencycore trend, soon to be coming to an Instagram feed near you.

With so much brilliant viewing content set in the 1800s, it was only a matter of time before the regencycore trend took off. 

Our obsession with the likes of Bridgerton, Emma, The Great and many more have been fuelling our WhatsApp groups for some time now. They have been the perfect water-cooler chat, well, back in a world where office still exists. In fact, the Stylist team is so in love with the period genre that we dedicated a recent issue to it and the shows that have been inspiring us to break out the corsets and candelabras. 

We’re not the only ones. Etsy’s latest trend report shows that searches for regencycore in both fashion and interiors are surging as people look for items such as candelabras, lace gloves, tea sets and corsets – some of which have seen an increase of interest of over 100%. 

Etsy attributes the trend to “popular royal and 19th century-inspired TV shows which show a style inspired by the 1800s’ elite”.

Etsy trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, says that the emerging trend suggests a form of escapism. “With so much going on in the world right now, shoppers are embracing regencycore as a much-needed escape from reality. While they might not be trading their PJs for ball gowns quite yet, many are turning to items like candelabras, corseted blouses, and tea sets that add a touch of regality to everyday life,” she explains. 

We, for one, are all for it and have picked out regencycore-inspired home accessories to give our pads a plush pull-up. From swirling, golden mirrors to velvet soft furnishings, here’s to transforming your home to a place Daphne Bridgerton would be happy to have a cuppa.

  • Brown and Ginger green candelabra

    Brown and Ginger

    If there’s one home accessory which has regencycore written all over it, it’s the candelabra. 

    Candelabras feature heavily on the sets of both The Great and Bridgerton, adding a crucial layer of elegance.

    Shop green candelabra at Green Candelabra, £49 (was £60)

    Buy now

  • Clare paint in Pink Sky

    Clare paint

    This gorgeous vintage rose hue from Clare is giving us Emma mixed with Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette vibes. 

    Paint your walls with this and you’ll feel like you’re living inside one of the famous French queen’s cakes.

    Shop Pink Sky at Clare paint, £40 per gallon 

    Buy now

  • Trove by Studio Duggan ruffle slip pillow

    Trove by Studio Duggan

    Fuss and frill are what regencycore is all about so if you’re looking to give your bed a final flourish, this ruffled pillow will add just the right amount of texture. 

    There are four stitching colours to choose between including blush, lemon, olive or salmon.

    Shop ruffle slip pillow at Trove by Studio Duggan, £70

    Buy now

  • Sheila Bridges Harlem Toile De Jouy wallpaper

    Sheila Bridges

    This intricate wallpaper is designed by Sheila Bridges and reimagines traditional French toile designs from the 1700s to include stereotypes from African American culture.

    It would look beautiful above a fireplace or at the head of a striking bed.  

    Shop at Harlem Toile De Jouy wallpaper at Sheila Bridges, £220 per roll

    Buy now

  • Maisons Du Monde Conservatoire mirror

    Maisons Du Monde

    An ornate, gold mirror is a huge tick box for the regencycore decor trend. 

    This Maisons Du Monde version is a nice, middling size but if you have the space bigger is better.

    Shop Conservatoire mirror at Maisons Du Monde, £274

    Buy now

  • Anna + Nina candle holder

    There was no electricity in Jane Austen’s day and while that may have been a little inconvenient, lighting a home by candlelight is certainly a lot prettier. 

    We’re not suggesting you turn the lights off all together, but with a beautiful candle holder like this one, you might be tempted to. 

    Shop candle holder at Anna + Nina, £25

    Buy now

  • Effortless Composition velvet cushion

    Effortless Composition

    The depth of colour and luxurious finish that velvet affords makes it a popular material when it comes to recreating the opulent homes of the 1800s.

    Effortless Composition has a range of sumptuous velvet cushions but this deep blue colour is particularly dreamy.  

    Shop velvet cushion at Effortless Composition, £25

    Buy now

  • Jungalow Feroz gold tiger rug


    Give your regencycore aesthetic an eccentric twist with an animal rug. 

    It would look great layered with other rugs that reflect your decor style, similarly to the example above.

    Shop Feroz gold tiger rug at Jungalow, £175

    Buy now

  • Curious Egg statue pendant light

    Curious Egg

    Potentially our favourite product of the edit; these striking pendant lights are like having part of the Victoria & Albert museum in your living room.

    Each one is cast with marble and stone and can be positioned in a cluster or hang alone.

    Shop statue pendant light at Curious Egg, £517

    Buy now

  • Amara A La table mirror


    This pretty mirror is a sweet way to incorporate the regencycore theme into an already existing decor. 

    Simply pop it on a bedside table or position next to a lamp for an opulent touch.

    Shop A La table mirror at Amara, £35

    Buy now

Images: Netflix / courtesy of brands

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