Room dividers are the homeware must-buy for small spaces in 2021

Room dividers are going to be the biggest must-buy for 2021.

We’ve all been struggling to separate work and leisure time in 2020. With periods of lockdown and many of us working from home for most of the year, our homes have become the places we work, eat, relax, have fun and sleep. 

Now, if your home is the size of, say, Buckingham Palace, then this might not be too bad. But, for those of us who don’t have 775 rooms to play with, it can feel like there’s nowhere to go after working all day in one space. 

This might have something to do with Etsy’s trend report for 2020/2021, which shows that there has been 134% increase in searches for room dividers. Room dividers are making a comeback for two reasons. 

Positioning a room divider in between pieces of furniture can help try and create separate spaces for working in the day and relaxing in the evening, giving them different atmospheres and a feeling of more elements to the space. 

There is also an abundance of new room dividers on the market, from vintage finds to bohemian rattan designs, from homeware brands big and small. Even if your living space doesn’t suit a separator in the traditional sense, it can still work as a fashionable prop to give the room some extra pizzazz.  

How to style a room divider 

  • Separate spaces

    Of course, the most traditional way to use a room divider is to create different areas within the same room. 

    If you’re working from home or spending a lot of time in your living space throughout the pandemic, a divider could help regain some boundaries between working days and evenings.

  • As an ornament

    Screens can be used in a purely ornamental way, to give character and depth to a room’s set up. 

    By positioning a stylish screen behind a sofa, next to a chair or in the corner of a room, it can add height and a design element. 

  • Wall decor

    Transform your screen into more than a piece of furniture with creative paintwork like the example above. We love that this idea is an artistic alternative to usual wall decor like art prints.

The best room dividers to shop now

  • French Connection longitude panelled screen

    This three panelled screen is perfect for dividing a room in an organised and stylish way. 

    It is crafted from mango wood and constructed from folding panels and slatted poles that are bracketed together allowing you to fold the screen down for storage. 

    Shop longitude panelled screen at French Connection, £221 (was £295)

    Buy now

  • Folk Interiors webbing room dividers

    This beautiful webbing room divider is handmade by HK Living from wood and cane with brass hinges.

    It has a bohemian, chic feel thanks to the contrast between its pale webbing and dark frame.

    Shop webbing room divider by HK Living at Folk Interiors, £390

    Buy now

  • Trove rattan folding screen

    This gorgeous screen is a vintage gem from the 1970s which has been given a new lease of life with a deep burgundy lacquer. 

    Shop rattan folding screen at Trove, £500

    Buy now

  • Rockett St George Gatsby divider

    Step back in time to the 1920s with this art deco style room divider.

    Not only does it look dazzling, but it will bounce around light and open up any room.

    Shop Gatsby mirrored divider at Rockett St George, £695

    Buy now

  • La Redoute bamboo and cane divider screen

    This simplistic screen has a calming, natural feel. 

    It’s made of bamboo and cane and is an ideal decoration accessory to divide a room or create an intimate atmosphere. 

    Shop Masaya bamboo and cane divider screen at La Redoute, £235

    Buy now

Images: Folk Interiors / courtesy of brands

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