Samsung’s Whisper-Quiet Stick Vacuums Are Up to $200 Off Right Now

Sometimes cleaning can feel like an intensely physical endeavor. You'll go through all the effort of lugging a heavy vacuum around furniture or upstairs. And just when you get into the vacuuming groove and are bending over to clean under a table or chair, the vacuum will become unplugged and then there's the frustration of finding another outlet. That's where lightweight cordless vacuums come in handy, allowing you to move seamlessly from room to room without needing to stop to replug.

Right now, you can score amazing deals on two of Samsung's cordless vacuums: the Jet 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum and the Jet 90 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum. Both of these devices are up to $200 off at the moment, and they only weigh six pounds to take some of the strain out of cleaning.

If you're looking for a versatile vacuum that can tackle all kinds of surfaces (including hardwood floors, carpets, and kitchen tiles), the Samsung Jet 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum is for you. It has a 200-watt suction, a five-layer filtration system, and a removable battery. With an impressive 60-minute runtime, the vacuum is up for lengthy deep-cleaning sessions. The vacuum's head can swivel up to 180 degrees to easily change courses, and its ultrafine filter traps up to 99.999 percent of dirt and dust.

Buy It! Samsung Jet 75 Complete Cordless Vacuum, $399 (orig. $499);

The Samsung vacuum comes with a combination tool for delicate surfaces, an extension crevice tool for hard-to-reach spots, and a mini motorized tool for upholstered furniture. Built-in notifications will let you know when the filter is missing or there's an unexpected blockage, and you can check the vacuum's battery level whenever you want.

Thanks to all these convenient features, shoppers say that the vacuum makes cleaning up after messy kids and shedding pets a cinch. As one reviewer notes, "the vacuum's long battery life, cordless vacuuming, comfortable handle, quick turning, and ability to slide under small openings has made my life so much easier."

"I can vacuum around my 4-month-old-baby without fear of her waking up," another reviewer added. "The Samsung Jet Vacuum is very light and can turn into every corner and crevice of our flooring, carpeting, and tiles. My kids make lots of messes, and the Jet Vac has enough suction to clean up every single mess my kids throw at it."

Those who are looking for an extra-intense clean should pick up the Samsung Jet 90 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum while it's still $200 off. This vacuum is the exact same as the Jet 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with two notable exceptions: the additional tools and the model color. Unlike the Jet 75, the Jet 90 comes with a flexible tool for cleaning ceilings and behind heavy, clunky pieces of furniture that are difficult to move. Its shade of titan chrometal is slightly glossier as well.

Buy It! Samsung Jet 90 Complete Cordless Vacuum, $449 (orig. $649);

"The Samsung Jet 90 is so light that my small children can use it," a shopper said.  "The attachments are stellar for getting under furniture and cleaning stairs. I used to dread vacuuming, but this has reduced the time and effort spent. No more aching back. No more dust under my sofa."

Samsung's sale on these popular cordless vacuums could end at any moment, so you'll have to act fast. Shop the Jetstick vacuums now for a tidier home with next to no effort.

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