Sarah Ferguson unveils one of her ‘favourite’ garden flowers – how to plant your own

Living in Windsor with her ex-husband Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson has a huge garden right on her doorstep at Royal Lodge. The Grade II listed building is located on a 98-acre plot of land, leaving plenty of room for the Duchess of York to fill the Lodge’s beds and borders with her favourite spring bulb – and this is how you can do the same.

The delicate yet bright petals of the yellow daffodil are the face of spring when it comes to gardening.

Favoured across many UK households, the daffodil is a simple annual that is planted as bulbs and can be lifted and replanted each year.

Whether you’re looking to fill your garden with pastels for the Easter season or are in need of a freshly picked bunch of gorgeous flowers to revive a tired room, daffodils are a simple yet effective addition to any home or garden.

Loved by the esteemed Fergie, these spring blooms will lift your garden from January to March – resembling the royal grounds of the home of the Duchess of York herself.

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Sarah Ferguson’s love of flowers

Royal fans have had a glimpse into the home of Sarah Ferguson through her weekly ‘story time’ posts on the Duchess’ official Instagram page.

Every week Fergie films herself in various places around her home to share her “Storytime with Fergie and Friends” videos on the worldwide platform – each time introducing a new part of her home or garden at Royal Lodge.

In most episodes of her storytime series, the Duchess of York is pictured wearing flower crowns or surrounded by a vibrant display of flowers as she reads to her younger viewers.

The historical residence has belonged to Prince Andrew since the Queen Mother’s death in 2002, boasting 30 rooms and acre upon acre of garden space.

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Daffodils at Royal Lodge

Viewers have seen everything from gorgeous blue hydrangeas to rows of tall evergreen trees bordering the grounds of the Windsor-based residence where the York’s reside.

The garden at Royal Lodge features a rustic slate tree-swing with the neatly-landscaped shrubs and pink flowers surrounding the area.

It’s no wonder the home was used as a wedding venue for the Duke and Duchess of York’s two daughters.

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Sarah Ferguson has featured daffodils on her official Instagram page, @sarahferguson15 multiple times as she spreads words of kindness and positivity.

In one post she wrote: “Happy St. David’s Day. One of my favourite flowers is your Daffodil…”

The ‘favourite’ flower of the Duchess was featured again in a video wishing her daughter Eugenie a happy birthday.

In a short video she used a bright layered display of the yellow flowers in full bloom throughout the short post of which the titles read: “Happy Birthday dearest Eugenie.

“When I see the colour of spring I think of your birth and what a gift you are… budding with colour and love xx”

How to plant daffodils

Planting season is coming to an end so be quick to plant daffodils ahead of the Spring.

Ideally, daffodils should be planted early in September though you do have some more time thanks to the recent late-summer heatwave keeping the soil warm.

The bulbs will grow well in beds, borders, containers, pots and even among grass for a seasonal contrast.

Top tips:

  • Always plant twice the depth of the bulb
  • Plant in sunny spots with well drained soil
  • Avoid waterlogged and shaded spots
  • For greater impact plant in bold groups

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