See Inside Grace Harry and Questlove's NYC ‘Playroom In the Sky’ Apartment

"Joy Strategist" Grace Harry knows a little something about finding happiness in your life — and her stunning apartment overlooking New York City is part of how she keeps it up. 

The 51-year-old, who shares the home with her boyfriend, The Roots musician Questlove (born Ahmir Khalib Thompson), after ending her three-year marriage to Usher in 2018, recently opened the doors to their highly personal home for an episode of Open House NYC. PEOPLE has an exclusive sneak peek of the episode, which airs on Sunday. 

In a clip from the episode, above, Harry — whose official job title is "Joy Strategist," as she helps clients like Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill become more emotionally satisfied — shows viewers around what she describes as her "playroom in the sky." 

"I love to design every room about feeling," the mother of two says as she shows off the bedroom, which features stunning views of the city below. 

"So, I wanted to still have our aesthetic, which is bright and colorful, which was not easy to find in bedding," she says, explaining that she took a plain white duvet cover and shams and colored them purple using bleach and dye. A cheetah-print blanket and decorative pillows top the bedding. A neon sign of a woman's backside in a thong hangs above the bed. Another can be found on the dresser as a gold decorative object.

"But then everything else really echoes going in, shutting it down, restoring," Harry explains of the calming feel, showing off different pieces in the room that are less about color and more about meaning.

For example, a barnacle planter she bought at a flea market in California, and a chunk of black tourmaline that's said to remove negative energy.

"You might be wondering, what's with all these lights I'm seeing everywhere?" Harry says, pointing out several multi-colored lightbulbs scattered in different places throughout the apartment. 

"So, I love to change things up," she explains, even when it comes to the color light emanating from a space. By simply switching out bulbs she can "enhance" a room and "change the dynamic."

Though the sneak peek focuses mainly on the bedroom (you'll have to watch the full episode to see the whole apartment!) the bits and pieces shown of the rest of the home are incredibly intriguing. For example, massive paintings decorate the walls, a machine reading "Questlove's Popcorn" is seen in the kitchen, and a mini trampoline sits in a corner — talk about finding joy!

Grace Harry and Questlove's segment of "Open House NYC" will air this Sunday. Check your local listings. Future episodes will feature tours of the homes of Alex Guarnaschelli, Toni Morrison, Ryan Serhant and more.  

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