See Inside Olympian Nastia Liukin's Dallas Home — Plus, the One Surprising Thing You Won't Find

Nastia Liukin is creating a gold medal-worthy haven for herself in Dallas!

The Olympic gymnast teamed up with Pottery Barn to outfit the new home she shares with her Goldendoodle, Harley, in a fresh, all-white palette with cozy yet modern furnishings.

"I have owned homes and lived in so many different places, but this is kind of the first place that has truly felt like home," Liukin tells (She even famously put her Boston apartment on Airbnb while she was working as an analyst at the 2016 Rio Olympics.)

While Liukin, who took home several medals including the gold all-around in Beijing, has worn her fair share of sparkles on the floor over the years, her off-duty aesthetic is far more subdued. She worked with her personal fashion stylist and a member of Pottery Barn's concierge decorating service to nail a look she describes as "kind of warm with a lot of natural earthy tones throughout," noting that she was going for a timeless look. "I didn't really want to do too many things that were trendy right now. "

One thing visitors won't find in the three spaces they designed? Olympic gold.

"The way I grew up in my parents' home—they were world champions and Olympic gold medalists as well—we never had any Olympic medals or memorabilia out in the open," she explains. "It was something that we, of course, are proud of, but it wasn't anything that we felt the need to display or show. That is just kind of the way that I have also designed and created my home."

Instead, they created an eye-catching photo wall in the dining room that features "glimpses of things that are really important to me and the memories in my life," all printed in unifying black-and-white.

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