Selling Sunset Stars Clap Back about MDLLA Shade: ‘I Don't Go Announce Every Deal I'm Doing’

“I wish they would maybe show me doing more real estate and doing transactions, but the reality is it's not as interesting, I guess, for people,” she admits. 

“We had weddings take place and unfortunately, a divorce — that was what was happening in real-time," Potratz adds. "They chose to focus on and follow that a little bit more."

Another comment from Tutor that didn't sit well with the Selling Sunset agents was about their use of Instagram, which she suggested made them look more like influencers than agents. In the WWHL interview, she remarked sarcastically: "If you notice, some of their Instagram handles really focus heavily on real estate.”

To that point, Vander tells PEOPLE, “I personally choose to post different stuff on my Instagram because I think we have other opportunities for success coming from the show besides real estate,” seemingly referring to partnership deals. 

“That's just my personal preference,” the mother of two continues. “I don't go announce every deal I'm doing.” 

Potratz, who uses her Instagram following to promote her modeling career and beauty line in addition to real estate, agrees: “If we post houses we’ll get very low likes, and I think that's true across all of the casts on both shows. The fans gravitate to much more personal photos.”

Plus, “some clients don't want to be on your Instagram,” she adds of her high-profile buyers and sellers. “They want privacy.”

At the end of the day, Potratz and Vander say they both have respect for Tutor and the cast of MDLLA  — and are big fans of the Bravo show. 

“I personally love Million Dollar Listing. I actually haven't watched the last couple of seasons because I was busy with babies and moving to Miami and shooting our show, but I wish them all the best and success with everything,” says Vander. “I think our show is just different, and it's very tough to compare.”

“I love her, I think she's fabulous,” Potratz says of Tutor. “I was entertained and was laughing when I saw that,” she adds of the MDLLA cast interview. “I think they're awesome. To me, it was like a fun banter.” 

Selling Sunset season three will be available to stream on Netflix on August 7.

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