Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Opens Up About Season 3, from Costar Drama to Death Threats

How did you get into real estate?

I was originally a model and an actress, but weren't we all? I was getting cast in the same roles. I wanted to do comedy, and I was only being showcased in dumb-girl roles, so I got really tired of it. I got into real estate with Jason [Oppenheim], who's a friend of mine, and I've been in real estate for about five and a half years. I really love it. I've had properties all across the board, in Orange County, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and I've really had it all. I've sold million-dollar condos, done leases, to 20 million dollar homes. It's just all really across the board, and I think it's a great job for someone that wants to work for themselves, and has the motivation to do it, because you don't get a paycheck unless you sell something. You've got to be your own boss, but I'm great at that. I love my boss, she's fabulous.

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