Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim Reveals Relationship Status — and if He’d Date a Costar

Jason Oppenheim didn’t bring a special someone to Thanksgiving dinner this year — but that doesn’t mean he isn’t open to welcoming love into his life. 

The Selling Sunset star and founder/president of the Oppenheim Group, 43, recently opened up to PEOPLE about his love life, sharing everything from what he’s looking for in a woman, to what dating has been like since finding Netflix fame, and whether he’d date (another!) one of his costars. 

“I’m definitely looking for someone that I'm friends with, and that I'm happy with, because I can have stress in my life from work,” the real estate mogul tells PEOPLE exclusively. “So someone I'm relaxed with, happy with, and that's just funny and smart,” he adds, noting that it’s a bonus “if we have things in common.”

Selling Sunset fans know that the broker previously dated Mary Fitzgerald, 40, who is now an agent at the Oppenheim Group and his costar on the show. The pair were an item for about a year, lived together and even adopted two dogs, Zelda and Niko. (Fitzgerald is now married to French model Romain Bonnet, 26.)

Despite having a great relationship with Fitzgerald, Oppenheim isn’t so sure dating another costar would be a good idea. 

“That's such a big bowl of mess that I don't need to get into,” the former attorney says with a laugh, noting that Fitzgerald wasn’t actually working for him while they were dating. “I've never dated anyone that was working at the Oppenheim Group,” he makes clear, “and there's no one that I would consider.” 

His other coworkers-turned-costars include agents Chrishell Stause, Heather Rae Young, Christine Quinn, Davina Portraz, Maya Vander and Amanza Smith. 

Instead, Oppenheim prefers to meet potential partners the old fashioned way: out and about, “organically.”

Not a huge fan of dating apps (he’s not on any), the businessman admits, “I prefer to be on my couch watching Netflix with my little dogs way more than I do going on a date with some random person that I don't know that I met on a dating app.”

“I'm open to it,” he clarifies. “But I'm not as open to it as I think most guys are.”

Meeting people around town has obviously become more difficult amid the coronavirus pandemic, Oppenheim says, but he still does come in contact with some who recognize him from the show almost every time he goes out. In fact, he says, fans have begun flocking to the Oppenheim Group office in West Hollywood.

“People come up for photos often, or to say hi or compliment the show,” he says, noting that getting recognized was “one of the things I didn't know how I would handle” once Selling Sunset started gaining popularity. “But I've enjoyed it, honestly. I really have. Everyone's so nice and positive.” 

Online though, he says, is often a different story: “Some cast members have had to deal with a lot of negativity on social media,” he says. “Those are just idiots hiding behind a faceless platform. But I think every single cast member just gets absolute joy and positivity from people in the real world.”

This positivity is what keeps Oppenheim optimistic about the future, he says. And he’s ready for whatever 2021 throws at him.

“There's so much positivity out there,” he says. “There's vaccine news, and all this pent up demand for just absolutely everything. I have no doubt that 2021 is going one of the best years ever for a lot of people.”

And while Netflix still hasn’t announced a fourth season of Selling Sunset, Oppenheim says he’s “comfortable enough saying I have every expectation that we'll be filming future seasons next year.”

Seasons 1-3 of Selling Sunset are streaming now on Netflix.

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