Shoppers Are Dumping Pricey Vacuums for This Robot Vacuum Cleaner That's 68% Off at Amazon

If you've ever wanted to forgo your giant upright vacuum cleaner in favor of something more convenient, there's no better time than now to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner that is designed to do all the work for you. And while many of the top brands can run you a few hundred dollars, it's possible to score a robot vacuum that's just as high-quality as favorites from Roomba and Shark but costs much less. 

Consider the Okp Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which is currently on sale for a whopping 63 percent off at Amazon. To operate it, simply download the OKP app or use the included remote to choose from four cleaning modes: auto clean, spot clean, wall follow clean, or manual clean. Complete with two large wheels that power the machine throughout the house, the ultra quiet robot vacuum boasts up to 100 minutes of run time. And thanks to its built-in HEPA filter and dual side brushes, it can pick up everything from pet hair to dust to grime —  anti-spill dust box can even store up to 500 milliliters of dirt.

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This thin robot vacuum is smaller than many other models, which means it can easily duck under large pieces of furniture and squeeze into even the smallest hallways and corners. Equipped with anti-collision and anti-drop sensors, the robot vacuum won't constantly bump into objects or accidentally fall down a flight of stairs. And when it's finished cleaning, it will automatically roll over to the charging base to prepare for its next session. 

Buy It! Okp Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $112.48 (orig. $299.99);

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have fallen in love with the ease and power of this trusty robot vacuum, with many reviewers noting that it "outperforms Roomba" and is an "excellent alternative to other name brands." Plus, tons of users call it a "great value" — especially given the current low price. 

"This vacuum is amazing," one five-star shopper said. "I will never sweep my floors again. We have a toddler that is messy with snacks and a German shepherd who sheds like crazy. We researched vacuums and found this one, which we were willing to try but weren't sure as it's not very expensive. I was worried it wouldn't make the cut as far as quality, but we were proved wrong. Especially if you have pets this thing is definitely worth it!"

"I love this vacuum," another shared. "It works better than my parents' brand name vacuum that is four times the price. It's smarter, has more suction power, and even has a map in the app. It literally leaves our floors spotless … we haven't pulled the big vacuum out since we got this."

Whether you're tired of lugging around the heavy upright vacuum or simply want to test out a robot vacuum without spending a ton of money, shop the Okp Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner while it's just $112 on Amazon. 

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