Spoilers: A dead body, violent assault and a cancelled wedding in Home and Away

This week on Home and Away, fans can look forward to a series of shocking moments. Justin’s (James Stewart) erratic and violent behaviour continues as he refuses to stop getting hold of pills – even if it means getting them off dodgy websites.

After he confronts Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), beats up Stephen (Bren Foster) and ends up in a police cell, we’re left wondering – how much worse can he possibly get?

Elsewhere, Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) fears for Mackenzie (Emily Weir) rise as her disappearance continues. A few days after filing a missing persons report, his concerns reach fever pitch when the news breaks that a female body has been discovered in the Bay. Could it be his sister?

Here’s what’s coming up for the week beginning Monday July 19.

Dean fears the worst for missing Mackenzie after finding her phone

Dean continues with his search for Mackenzie after she doesn’t return home for several days. Nobody in the Bay can confirm they’ve seen her, and the situation escalates when he finds her phone behind a sofa cushion – she always has it on her in case of an emergency at Salt. Realising there’s nothing for it, he goes down to the station and files a missing person’s report…

Roo receives an ultimatum from Kieran’s lawyers

Alf and Roo receive an update from the hospital – Martha is ready to come home. The pair are left wondering if they can match the level of care he’s been receiving, but Roo’s concerns change when she receives a call out of the blue from Kieran’s lawyers. She is faced with a worrying ultimatum – if Kieran wants to avoid jail, he has to move in with them…

Justin continues to hide his addiction with secret pills order

Although Leah and Tori are now aware of the extent of Justin’s painkiller addiction, he continues to hide his need for pills and resorts to secretly ordering a stash from a dodgy website while he’s at the garage. The next day, he tells a suspicious Ziggy that a ‘package’ is coming and she should keep it to one side for him. Will Ziggy realise something is amiss before Justin swallows the dangerous pills?

Sienna and Allegra tell Nikau his relationship with Bella won’t work out

Nikau is excited to see his social media blowing up and Sienna and Allegra come to the Bay so they can help him keep up the momentum. They sit in the Parata house going through designer clothing they’ve been gifted and posing for photos, much to Bella’s annoyance – she’s trying to work on the photography exhibition with Emmett. When she goes to find somewhere quieter, Sienna and Allegra deliver Nikau some hard truths – relationships never work out, not in this industry..

Nikau discovers he has to leave for Japan for three months

Bella and Emmett are hyped up for the photography exhibition, but they are blindsided when Sienna tells them they can’t use the photos of Nikau unless they can afford his fee – which just went up. Nikau tells them there’s still time to take new photos, but Bella is dejected and believes her event is ruined. When Nikau goes to Sienna to say she needs to start being more reasonable, she knocks him for six with some unexpected news – a Japanese client saw Nikau’s social media and wants to hire him for a three-month contract in Japan…

Jasmine confronts Christian about his relationship with Rachel

Jasmine is suspicious when Rachel appears after getting herself out of the hospital bed, fishing for information on where Christian is. She tells her Christian will be there when his shift starts but Rachel sits by the elevator doing a crossword. When Christian shows up, he drops everything to get coffee with her, much to Jasmine’s annoyance. She pulls Christian to one side to ask what his deal is, but he denies anything is going on. Is he telling the truth?

Justin violently beats up Stephen after seeing him with Leah

Justin has been trying to get pills online, but when Ziggy realises what’s happening she hides them in his car and he almost gets violent with her before storming away. Agitated, and going into withdrawal, he spots Leah and Stephen hugging from a distance. Livid, he waits until Stephen is alone before ambushing him and refusing to listen to reason, instead beating him to a pulp and leaving him unconscious on the ground…

Tori tells Christian the wedding is off

Jasmine phones Tori from the hospital to let her know Christian is having a day out with Rachel, and the situation gets even more upsetting and awkward when Tori and Justin run into them on their way into the Surf Club. Christian persuades Tori to wait in Salt so they can talk, but when he skates around the real issues and won’t confirm if he’s committed Tori’s frustration reaches a peak. She says if he can’t make a decision then she will – the wedding is off.

The Bay is rocked by the discovery of a body in the water

The police station has been busy over the last few days, as newcomer Cash books in Justin for violently assaulting Stephen and Dean shows up to file a missing persons report for his sister Mackenzie.

When Justin is bailed out of his cell the following day, Cash receives a call immediately after telling him that a body has been discovered floating in the Bay…

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