Spoilers: A death, new enemies and a break-in on Home and Away

This week on Home and Away, there’s plenty of shock and suspicion going around. While Christian (Ditch Davey) and Tori’s (Penny McNamee) engagement should be a happy occasion, Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) soon realise their opinions on marriage are vastly different. Will they be able to recover after multiple heated arguments?

Meanwhile, Christian feels responsible after his patient dies unexpectedly, and Lewis (Luke Arnold) treats this as confirmation he’s incompetent. Plus, Bella (Courtney Miller) also struggles when she is refused access to the jail – and the letter she receives from Colby turns her world upside down.

Elsewhere, Kieran (Rick Donald) is steadily slipping back into his bad habits, but Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Roo (Georgie Parker) are onto him. Grabbing Martha (Belinda Giblin), Roo enlists her to help break into his van and turn it upside down for evidence – but they’re rumbled by Kieran himself.

Here’s what’s coming up on Home and Away this week.

Justin and Leah rocked by major rows

Tori and Christian’s whirlwind engagement has led to mixed responses in the Summer Bay community – with the biggest opposing viewpoints coming from Leah and Justin. While Leah is happy for them, Justin worries they’re rushing into it. When Leah quizzes him more about his opinion, she realises he places huge value on marriage. Doubt creeps into Leah’s mind when she begins to suspect he isn’t truly happy with their decision as a couple to never get married. Is Justin’s lifeview too different from hers for them to keep the relationship going?

Christian left shocked over sudden death

While Christian is blissfully happy with his new fiancee, Lewis is anything but. He watches Christian at the hospital like a hawk, and takes the first opportunity he can to go through his patient records. Jasmine asks him what his problem is, and Lewis reveals that his wife Anna died after Christian operated on her. While Jasmine tries to convince him Christian does good work, it falls on deaf ears. To make matters worse, Christian is thrown when one of his post-op patients dies unexpectedly. While Tori reassures him that the death could have been caused by any number of factors, Lewis overhears and turns to Jasmine – this is proof of Christian’s incompetence.

A new arrival makes an enemy of Ryder

Ryder is back from his resort placement and proudly sporting a blue badge he won for cocktail making. Left in charge for the day, he is faced with a new customer who asks for a Negroni. However, she has no ID, so Ryder refuses to serve her. She begs with him to relent, but he won’t change his mind. Refusing to leave, she settles at a table and continues picking fights with Ryder. She orders a pizza, then heads back to the bar so she can provide Ryder with some unwelcome tips on cocktail making.

Ari’s past comes back to haunt him

Ari is in a good place with Mac, and he convinces her to take the rest of the day off and spend it with him. He is distracted by Nikau’s return from New Zealand, and he then drops a bombshell – his stepdaughter Chloe is in town, and she wants to see him. Ari is thrown by the news – he hasn’t seen Chloe in eight years. Meanwhile, Mac vents to Ziggy in Salt – she didn’t even know he had a stepdaughter. Ziggy says his past relationship must have been serious if he considers Chloe to be a stepdaughter – and this doesn’t help with Mac’s sudden insecurity…

Colby’s fate is revealed

Colby has recently been returned to the prison after a trip to the hospital. Bella is concerned about his safety following the savage beating he took from his fellow inmates. After some pushing from John, Dean realises he needs to accompany Bella to the jail. However, they are informed that Colby isn’t receiving visitors – he’s in solitary confinement.

Later, Bella receives a letter from Colby. In it, he reveals that he can’t let her continue to visit him in jail. They have to cut ties for good, so she can be free. In between his heartbreaking words, we see him in a brawl with the biggest inmate – and he pulls out a knife…

Kieran goes down a dark path again

While Martha is thrilled to have her son around following a rocky past, the rest of the family are suspicious of him. Unfortunately, their instinct turns out to be right, as we see Kieran taking regular breaks during his new job at the gym to drink from a hip flask stashed in his rucksack.

When he runs out of booze, he heads to Salt and asks for vodka and soda. However, Ryder pops up behind Mac, and he hastily corrects himself, saying he asked for a club soda. While Mac is apologetic, believing she misheard him, Ryder isn’t so easily fooled…

Mackenzie walks in on Tane and Ziggy

Ziggy is trying to pretend there’s nothing between her and Tane, but when they bump into each other, she’s proven wrong. Falling asleep later, she finds herself having a highly charged dream about what she might get up to with him. When she heads back out, she sees Tane again and he ropes her into joining him at the gym. It isn’t long before she gets flustered and leaves. Later, she decides she’s held out for long enough and invites him over – jumping him as soon as he enters. 

Later, Mac walks into the house – and sees the pair under a blanket on the sofa, making out. She hastily hides in the hallway to process her shock…

Kieran catches Roo and Martha in his van

Roo tells Martha about her concerns that Kieran might be drinking again, and suggests they both talk to him. However, Martha doesn’t want Kieran to feel he’s being ganged up on. She resolves to talk to him alone, but Kieran expertly manipulates her into believing he’s sober. Not buying it, Roo persuades Martha they need to take matters into their own hands – and they enter Kieran’s van to go through his belongings for evidence.

However, they don’t keep an eye on the door and receive a nasty surprise when Kieran shows up to see his mother and sister rifling through his stuff…

Scenes air on Channel 5 from Monday, March 1.

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