Spoilers: Alf and Ryder discover Evan’s ghost is real in Home and Away

Roo (Georgie Parker) has been struggling quietly since returning from her time away with Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) father Evan (Cameron Daddo), where he went to live out his final days in as little pain as possible. Returning to the Bay with unresolved emotions she is keeping private, she is unprepared for what happens next.

As she walks around the Bay, she begins seeing visions of Evan wandering along the beach. Calling his name, she tries to catch up with him, but he disappears before she can get to him. Marilyn (Emily Symons) is convinced that Evan’s ghost has returned – and for a reason. 

Roo initially dismisses her claim, but as the visions continue, Marilyn presses her to consider some methods to find closure around Evan. She suggests tarot cards or a seance, and Roo agrees to participate in the latter.

Meanwhile, Ryder and Alf (Ray Meagher) are talking when they see a familiar man nearby. The pair can hardly believe their eyes when they realise he looks exactly like Evan. Ryder is bewildered at being confronted with the spitting image of his recently deceased father.

As Roo and Marilyn commence the seance, Roo is trying to engage with it when the door opens. Ryder, Alf and Evan’s doppelganger walk through the door – much to Roo and Marilyn’s horror. Who is this man and is he connected to Evan somehow?

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