Spoilers: Angelo loses it in punch-up with Colby in Home and Away

Angelo (Luke Jacobz) has been hot on Colby’s (Tim Franklin) trail ever since arriving in the Bay to investigate Ross Nixon’s (Justin Rosniak) death. After chatting to several locals, he is convinced Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is hiding something for his friend and encourages him to come forward.

Dean is left rattled by the exchange, even though he hides it well in front of the cop and plays dumb. The conversation leads to a heated exchange between Dean and Colby, and when the pair go to cool off Willow (Sarah Roberts) reminds Colby – what does he know about Rosetta?

After doing some digging around, Colby finds an article online which claims that Angelo got a case wrong. He shows it to Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson), who quickly pales and explains how it nearly ruined them. She describes how sometimes he gets so convinced about someone it leads to him making the wrong call.

Colby reacts to the update by making an official complaint about Angelo, claiming he is harassing both him and his family. When Angelo finds out, he is furious and goes to confront Colby on the beach. Taylor tries to keep her husband back, but fails.

With several onlookers, Colby smiles at Angelo as he watches the homicide detective lose it and try to punch him. He issues a threat to Colby and this only serves to make Colby look even more pleased with himself. Triggered by Colby’s reaction, Angelo’s anger intensifies..

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