Spoilers: Angelo reveals he knows Colby’s secret in Home and Away

Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) and Colby (Tim Franklin) continue to play a dangerous game under Angelo’s (Luke Jacobz) nose, unable to stay away from each other as their affair progresses.

Hoping to find out more about Angelo’s work on the case, she tries to casually ask him if he has any new leads during dinner – but he isn’t forthcoming.

After their time in Salt, Angelo bumps into Bella (Courtney Miller) and encourages her to have coffee with him. However, she declines, and this only makes him more suspicious. 

In reality, Angelo is getting closer to finding out where Colby and his wife have been staying together as they have their affair, while he hides his heartache from Taylor. 

Later, Angelo approaches Bella and reveals he knows that her brother and his wife are having an affair. Bella tries to remain calm in front of him, but she is terrified to discover the homicide detective is getting increasingly closer to unravelling all of Colby’s secrets…

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