Spoilers: Angelo to arrest Bella for Ross’ murder in Home and Away?

The body of Bella’s (Courtney Miller) father, Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak), has sparked a murder investigation in the Bay, with Colby (Tim Franklin) immediately instructing everyone who knows the truth on how to act.

When Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz) returns to lead the investigation, he calls in Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Colby for an interview. Although they get through it, Bella discovers that she is next up.

Bella becomes increasingly terrified of messing up the interview, and Colby’s harsh words for her don’t help. She cracks in front of Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) – and tells him the truth about Ross’ murder.

Acting on fear, Bella decides to run away from the Bay – and Nikau decides to join her. She concludes that she can’t mess up if she isn’t around, and Nikau says he can’t stand the thought of never seeing her again, so he’s coming too.

When Bella is discovered as missing, Colby and the Paratas are forced to team up so they can find both her and Nikau. Meanwhile, Angelo grows increasingly impatient with Bella’s no-show and threatens to issue an arrest warrant…

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