Spoilers: Angelo tricks John into revealing murder clues in Home and Away

Familiar face Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz) has returned to the Bay after a long time away, this time in his role as a homicide detective. Having taken on the Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak) murder case, he has been sniffing around to try and unearth clues.

It isn’t long before his rooting around begins to ruffle the feathers of the residents of Summer Bay. When Angelo speaks with Irene (Lynne McGranger) in the Diner, she ends up accidentally revealing the real reason why Bella (Courtney Miller) went away when she was due to be interviewed by him.

Alf (Ray Meagher) is present when Irene has a go at Angelo later on for tricking her into revealing information, saying she can’t trust him anymore. Keeping this in his mind, Alf is careful to remain a sealed vault whenever Angelo says anything moving forwards.

When Alf and John (Shane Withington) are discussing Dean (Patrick O’Connor) being away from the board shop in the Diner, Angelo overhears the conversation and sidles over for a chat. However, Alf quickly clamps up and reminds him to talk to the people involved.

A loose-lipped John is less cautious when it comes to Dean, and Alf frowns at him as he happily discusses Dean’s past, mentioning how he, Colby (Tim Franklin) and Willow (Sarah Roberts) are basically family so they would do anything for each other. Rosetta’s detective brain begins turning over the fresh information – is he about to crack the case and discover the truth?

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