Spoilers: Arrests, humiliation and goodbyes in Home and Away

This week on Home and Away, Willow (Sarah Roberts) bids the Bay farewell as she goes to Queensland to be with Alex (Zoe Ventoura). Meanwhile, Roo (Georgie Parker) comes up with an idea to save the Surf Club, but will it damage her friendship with John (Shane Withington) in the process?

Elsewhere, Lewis (Luke Arnold) continues with his sinister vendetta against Christian (Ditch Davey), and it begins to go down a dark path. Plus, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) struggles with her health after pushing herself too far and Bella (Courtney Miller) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) are interrupted by some unpleasant surprises during their weekend away.

Here’s what’s coming up for the week beginning Monday 10 May.

Roo comes up with a plan to save the Surf Club

With the Surf Club in big trouble, Roo decides on a plan to get some community support. She persuades a reluctant Alf to meet with a journalist in the Diner, where the pair speak openly about the struggles they’re dealing with. Although the journalist is sympathetic, she’s more interested when they mention John and his dealings with Susie. She then says she’s confident there will be a great deal of interest in the story…

Does Willow have a future with Alex in Queensland?

After a conversation with Amber about her future, Willow decides to take a chance and give her old flame Alex a call. She anxiously waits for her to return the call after leaving a voicemail, and is relieved when it finally comes. Alex doesn’t mention getting back together, but Irene suggests she goes to Queensland herself to get answers. Before she can talk herself out of it, Willow decides to make the gesture Alex wanted and commit to their future together, packing up her life and leaving the Bay.

Lewis has Christian arrested for assault

Lewis is furious when Christian is cleared of wrongdoing after an autopsy is carried out for the death of one of his patients. When Christian returns to work, he tries to make peace by taking Lewis to one side and suggesting they’re civil at work. However, Lewis is having none of it. Jasmine later suggests that Lewis needs to find a way to end his problem – and Lewis completely misinterprets the idea, calling the cops to have Christian arrested for assault…

John is left humiliated after a revealing newspaper article

Roo has been putting her all into saving the Surf Club after Susie’s actions, and she enlists a journalist to help publicise the story. John refuses to do an interview with her, but is humiliated nonetheless when the local paper ends up plastering his face over the front cover. Reading the piece, he realises he’s been described as a gullible fool. Upset and angry, he goes to seek out Alf and Roo when Irene lets slip that they were the ones behind it…

Chloe and Ryder ruin Bella and Nikau’s weekend getaway

Nikau makes plans to give Bella a break from the social scene she’s finding overwhelming in the Bay by booking a peaceful weekend away for them. Bella is thrilled to have a few days in isolation with her boyfriend, and the pair are just settling in by the fire when they hear a commotion. Chloe and Ryder discovered the note Nikau left on the fridge for his uncles, saying where he’s gone for the weekend, and decided to rock up themselves – fuelled up with party games and plenty of booze…

Mac collapses after returning to work against doctor’s wishes

Ziggy comes home to find Mackenzie in pieces at the kitchen table. She says she feels like she’s lost everything, both Ari and the baby, even though she didn’t want the pregnancy.

What’s more, she doesn’t understand why she’s losing it as she’s usually in control. The next morning, Mac is up and dressed for work. Ziggy reminds her of the doctor’s orders to rest, but Mac starts waiting tables and overdoing it. However, it isn’t long before she gets extreme cramps and collapses…

Nikau and Bella are spooked by a shadowy figure

Nikau and Bella have escaped to a secluded cabin for a peaceful weekend retreat, but their time away is soon interrupted by Chloe and Ryder showing up armed with party supplies. That night, Ryder sees someone walking past the windows and is spooked. Then the door handle starts rattling…in the morning, after Ryder leaves with Chloe, Nikau notices a shadowy figure in the background of one of Bella’s photos from the day before…

Lewis’ grim plans for Christian are revealed

Lewis vents to Jasmine about his fury that Christian hasn’t had his medical license revoked following the court case. He runs into Christian outside the bait shop and it isn’t long before the men get into a fight – which is swiftly stopped by Alf hosing the pair down. Later, in the Diner, Jasmine can’t get through to Lewis, who insists she must be on Christian’s side if she won’t agree with him. The next day, as Jasmine tells Tori she’s concerned about Lewis’ mental health, we see Lewis dragging Christian’s unconscious body to an abandoned hospital ward…

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