Spoilers: Bella discovers Colby with a mystery woman in Home and Away

Colby (Tim Franklin) has been ‘laying down some groundwork’ since discovering that Ross Nixon’s (Justin Rosniak) body has been found and homicide detective Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz) has returned to the Bay to investigate. With the heat turning up, Colby decides to get ahead by befriending Rosetta’s wife, Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson).

When Colby sees Taylor while out and about, he invites her for coffee and showers her with compliments – a welcome change for her, compared with the obsession her husband has with his job. Taylor’s frustration with Angelo continues when she turns up at the station for lunch, but he’s occupied with a new lead in the case and has no time for her.

Colby has been buttering Taylor up by offering to introduce her to Willow (Sarah Roberts), as the owner of Summer Bay Fit, in order to get her some new massage therapy clients. As a thank you, Taylor shows up at the Pier Apartment with all her equipment – time to put her skills to the test.

Faced with a topless Colby on her massage table and some undeniable sexual chemistry, it isn’t long before what was intended to be a professional massage turns into a make out session. The pair move to the sofa – and then Bella (Courtney Miller) shows up.

Completely unaware who Taylor is, Bella presumes Colby has met a new woman and brought her home. Still cringing, she goes to her room before teasing him about it later in front of Willow and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) – but they suspect who Colby was with and Bella is soon filled in…

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