Spoilers: Bella goes to equine therapy in Home and Away

Bella (Courtney Miller) has recently been admitted to hospital after a manic episode which saw her cut herself after being triggered with flashbacks during a makeout session with her new boyfriend Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo). Colby (Tim Franklin) and Willow (Sarah Roberts) take her home so she can pack for her time away in treatment.

With Bella still not understanding herself why she cut herself, she uncharacteristically doesn’t push back on the decision for her to go to the residency. She is taken to an equine therapy center, and is initially reluctant.

However, after coming up with a name for her horse, she hesitantly goes to interact with him – only to struggle as her own emotions reflect on the reaction of the animal. With some time and encouragement, though, she begins to experience some success.

When Bella is told she can’t have access to her phone during her time at the center, she panics about having no contact with friends and family for weeks – but she has no choice and hands it over.

She begins to settle in, but when Colby is advised he can leave, she runs after the car, begging him not to go. Willow struggles to convince Colby to keep driving – will he keep his sister in treatment or go back to take her home?

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