Spoilers: Car crash, heartbreak and stern warnings in Home and Away

This week in Home and Away, Bella is devastated when Emmett leaves for New York, but the hits keep on coming when Nikau tries to kiss her and she flees in horror. Elsewhere, Chloe struggles with her first shift at the Diner, but comes up with a plan to repay the food truck debt – prompting Ryder to make a declaration.

Meanwhile, Ziggy is tortured by her cheating secret and stresses over what to tell Tane – unaware that Nikau has already told his uncle everything that went down. Plus, Nikau, Dean and Mia are in a huge car crash which leaves us wondering – will anyone survive?

Here’s what’s coming up for the week beginning Monday, September 6.

Emmett leaves the Bay for New York

Emmett has been wondering how to tell Bella he’s leaving for his dream job in New York, and his guilt at the prospect of abandoning her is amplified after Nikau gatecrashes the exhibition. However, Mackenzie makes him realise he has to confess soon, as he will literally be gone in a matter of hours. While showing Bella how much of her artwork was sold – despite the Nikau-shaped distraction – he also tells her he’s leaving the country. As he says goodbye, he tells Bella she’s amazing and she’s going to set the world on fire.

Chloe has a difficult first shift at the Diner

Chloe begins her first shift at the Diner and Marilyn shows her the ropes. However, Chloe can’t help but feel the operations are all beneath her – and Marilyn begins to get annoyed at Chloe’s attitude. The situation gets worse when Chloe begins making suggestions for changing the way the Diner is run, and when Ryder shows up Chloe is distracted by her boyfriend, who points out dirty tables and offers to sample new milkshakes. As Marilyn kicks Ryder out for the day, has Chloe screwed up her new job before her first shift is over?

Ziggy struggles with her cheating secret

Ziggy is being consumed with guilt after kissing Dean during Bella’s exhibition. She finally catches up with Tane upon her return to the Bay, but he’s being cagey as Nikau dropped a hint that something went down between the old lovers. When Tane brings up Dean’s name to see what response it brings, he remains suspicious of the situation. Later, when he spots Dean, he says he wants to talk with him, and Ziggy goes straight to Mackenzie where she asks – what if Dean tells Tane the truth?

Ryder and Chloe work on their debt repayment plan

Ryder and Chloe have been faced with getting jobs and repaying a mountain of debt after the food truck explosion, and Ryder is soon faced with guilt when he sees Alf working on renovation plans for Martha’s house. He offers to begin making repayments, but after crunching the numbers, he realises it’s going to take a long time. Meanwhile, Marilyn offers some sage advice to Chloe, which leads her to a bright idea – they could create a Mexican food takeaway service! Ryder is struck by Chloe’s genius, which prompts him to say he loves her…does she feel the same way?

Jasmine runs away after Cash asks her out

Jasmine runs into Cash on the beach, and is embarrassed that he first met her when she was having a seizure. However, their attraction soon grows when Cash tries to talk her into joining his touch football team and she reveals she owns the gym when he goes to look around. Despite John intervening when he sees them both in Salt and inviting them to an awkward group night out, Cash is confident things are going well and asks Jasmine out the next day. However, she hastily makes an excuse and runs away…what has he done wrong?

Irene tells Cash off when he snoops on Jasmine

Cash has been left bewildered after Jasmine rejected his offer of a date by fleeing the scene. Later, he tries to speak with her, but this time he’s in his uniform. Realising he’s a cop, Jasmine’s attraction fizzles out and she denies his final offer for a date. She confides in Irene about her fears regarding dating another cop, and Irene manages to help her see the light. However, while Cash is on shift with Murray, he brings up Jasmine’s name and his colleague dishes the dirt on Robbo. In the Diner, Cash runs into Jasmine and tells her he understands her behaviour after what happened with her husband. Jasmine is disgusted that he snooped on her, and Irene sternly tells him not to overstep the line again…

Ari kicks Nikau out of the Parata house

After a conversation with Ryder, Bella reluctantly agrees to hear Nikau out, and they go for a walk to go over everything that happened. She decides to take the plunge afterwards and invites him to stay for lunch. However, it isn’t long before Nikau mistakes her kindness for acceptance and goes in to kiss her, much to her horror. She flees, and Cash intercepts Nikau. Ari is disgusted to see his nephew escorted home by the police, and tells him his father would be ashamed to see him now. Nikau goes to leave, and Ari tells him not to come back if he goes. Nikau closes the door behind him and walks away…

Nikau, Dean and Mia get into a major car crash

After walking out of the Parata house, Nikau hitches a ride to a roadhouse, only to discover too late that it’s closed. In the morning, after spending the night on a cold bench, Nikau relents and calls Mia to pick him up. Dean overhears Mia’s conversation in the Surf Club and offers to drive, as she won’t tell Ari about the update as per Nikau’s request.

The pair successfully find Nikau and begin driving home, but a kangaroo bounces in front of the vehicle, causing Dean to veer off course and down a steep embankment.

Nikau is thrown from the car and the vehicle rolls over and over before teetering on the edge of a cliff…will anyone survive?

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