Spoilers: Colby and Bella rocked by murder scandal in Home and Away

Colby (Tim Franklin) and Bella (Courtney Miller) have been settling into a comfortable routine following her return from therapy, and the pair head to Salt to meet Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Willow (Sarah Roberts). After receiving her divorce certificate in the mail, Ziggy wants to celebrate.

However, not long into their time at the bar, Colby receives a call from his police sergeant and is surprised to learn that both he and Bella need to go down to the station. When they arrive, they are taken straight to the interview room.

To their shock and horror, the pair are informed that Bella’s father, Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak), has been discovered buried in a shallow grave and a murder investigation will be commencing. Colby and Bella hold it together at the station but immediately tell Willow and Dean upon leaving.

Back at the Pier apartment, Colby puts on a convincing air of calm, telling everyone that there’s no way the murder will lead back to them. He says it will be ages before the investigation begins, and he can keep tabs on it as he’s a cop himself.

Colby’s reassurances do little to help anyone, as Dean is convinced the police will uncover something that implicates them – and then everyone will go down for being accessories to murder. Bella is left in a panic, wondering how long it is before her brother ends up in jail for life…

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