Spoilers: Colby manipulates Ziggy in a tense showdown in Home and Away

Colby (Tim Franklin) has been playing a dangerous game ever since Angelo (Luke Jacobz) arrived in town to investigate the murder of Bella’s (Courtney Miller) father by sleeping with his wife Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) in order to keep tabs on the case. However when they spend a dreamy morning in a motel it becomes clear their connection is getting stronger.

When Taylor goes to meet Angelo and Colby returns home, Bella and Willow (Sarah Roberts) quiz him on whether he has ended the relationship – and he lies to keep them quiet. However, Bella catches the pair kissing later on and whips her camera out to get some evidence.

Once Willow confirms Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is spending more time away from the Bay as he is reeling from the breakup with Ziggy, Colby begins to worry that she will spill the beans to Angelo in a bid to see justice done – as she clearly doesn’t agree with Dean’s justification for Ross’ (Justin Rosniak) death.

While Willow and Ziggy discuss how poor of a friend Colby has been to them all, the pair are left realising Dean has been left in the crossfire – especially now that Colby is telling them the murder case is being handled despite Rosetta’s increased digging around.

Continuing to think only of himself, Colby goes to Ziggy’s home and twists the events of Ross’ murder to intimidate her. He tells her that if she reports him to the cops, Dean will be going down with him – and she doesn’t want that, does she?…

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