Spoilers: Colby sends Bella a heartbreaking final letter in Home and Away

Bella (Courtney Miller) has been concerned about Colby (Tim Franklin) following the brutal beating he endured from his fellow inmates. She is even more worried when she learns he’s been sent back to the prison, and fears he will immediately be targeted again. 

She tells Dean (Patrick O’Connor) they have to visit him, but he says he won’t go back there ever again. However, some tough words from John (Shane Withington) convince him he has to step up and be there for Bella. He drives them over to the jail, but they are immediately refused entry.

To their confusion, the guard says that Colby isn’t accepting visitors – because he’s in solitary confinement. Bella kicks up a fuss, to no avail. When she eventually walks away, the guard approaches Dean and gives him a letter to pass on to Bella.

When the pair are back in Summer Bay, Dean finds the right moment to give her the letter. She sits on the pier and reads the heartbreaking news that he no longer wants her to visit him. He wants her to move on with her life, but reminds her he will always be her big brother.

As Bella reads the letter, we see Colby facing off in a prison brawl against the biggest inmate who took him on last time. However, now Colby is prepared – and with knife in hand, he delivers a fatal blow before being dragged off to solitary confinement by the guards…

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