Spoilers: Colby’s murder secret gets exposed? 7 huge Home and Away storylines

Back in early 2019, Home and Away fans saw a chilling plot unfold as Bella’s dad, Ross Nixon, kidnapped Colby’s wife Chelsea along with Willow and Bella. After a sick game where he forced Colby to choose between Chelsea and Bella, then shot Willow, he tried to make his escape.

However, Colby acted on impulse and chased Ross down, murdering him as Dean begged him not to pull the trigger. The pair buried Ross in a shallow grave, and as time went on, they began to move on. Unfortunately, a recent discovery is about to reopen Colby’s darkest secret…here are 7 huge spoilers for the week beginning Monday, September 7…

1.Colby and Amber show up together for drinks at Salt, much to the surprise of Ziggy, Dean and Bella. However, Colby gets a call from his police sergeant and discovers he needs to go down to the station with Bella.

2.Colby and Bella find out that Ross’ body has been found in a shallow grave. The pair struggle to keep it together, realising that Colby’s secret murder could be discovered. Colby tries to calm everyone down back at the apartment.

3.Dean and Colby begin to argue over the discovery. Dean reminds Colby that he was regularly stumbling around the area when he was addicted to sleeping pills – what if his DNA gets discovered? Colby’s attitude begins to severely irritate Dean – why isn’t he more worried?

4.Bella begins to crumble under the pressure, realising her brother could go to jail for life if the police work out he’s behind the murder. She turns to Nikau and Ryder for support, but the pair don’t know the full story and suspect something else is going on under the surface.

5.Alf is surprised to see an old face back in town – Angelo Rosetta has been summoned to the Bay so he can investigate the murder. Bella runs into him, and Angelo lets her know he’s looking for Colby. Bella promptly enters into a meltdown. 

6.Colby and Angelo meet in Salt, where Angelo makes it clear he’s going to be heavily interrogating everyone connected to the murder. Colby puts on his chill facade, but at home, the nightmares from his past begin to take over…

7.Angelo says he wants Colby and Dean to be interviewed at the station. Dean panics to Willow, and when she reminds him they’ve lied to cops before, Dean counters – not for murder! Meanwhile, the ghosts of Colby’s past continue to haunt him – will he get through the interview without arousing suspicion?

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