Spoilers: Colby's Witness X is finally revealed in Home and Away trailer

A recent trailer for Home and Away’s season finale, which airs next week in Australia and in early 2021 for UK viewers, has revealed who the mysterious Witness X is.

Fans following episodes in the UK will be aware that Colby is currently feeling the heat as he tries to keep Angelo Rosetta away from the truth about who killed Ross Nixon.

However Australian episodes recently aired shocking scenes as Rosetta rocked up in the Diner flanked by officers and arrested Colby for the murder.

After time in a cell, Jasmine gets him released on bail, but Colby is adamant that he must find out who Witness X is before his court date – which is coming up very soon.

Australian teasers have revealed that the reason Rosetta could finally go ahead and arrest Colby was because of the anonymous witness, who provided key information on the case.

Willow, Bella and Dean try to work out who the witness could be, with Bella confident that Rosetta’s wife Taylor sided with her husband and turned against Colby.

However, Colby is convinced that the Paratas are behind it, especially as Bella told Nikau and they would love revenge after he put a travel ban on their passports.

The recently released trailer previews the final week of Australian episodes before the Christmas break, which shows Colby waiting in court to see who is giving evidence against him. 

He is left completely floored when Willow walks into the room – ready to give evidence against one of her closest friends that could put him in prison for decades.

Fans who watched the episodes surrounding Nixon’s murder will know that Ross had attacked Willow before fleeing into the woods, with Colby and Dean hot on his trail.

When they tracked him down, Dean told Colby not to take it any further – but his friend pulled the trigger and put an end to the man who had hidden Bella and made his life hell. 

Although Dean helped Colby to cover up the crime, he had struggled with nightmares and visions for months afterwards, with Willow struggling as she was caught in the middle of the pair’s feuding.

It looks like Willow finally reached the end of her tether after seeing Colby tear their family apart by pursuing Taylor against all of their wishes. 

What’s more, Dean was heartbroken at the thought of potentially being locked up with Colby if his involvement was discovered – and never seeing his son Jai again.

When Dean hinted that he would give himself up alongside Colby to protect his best mate in jail, Willow clearly decided to protect Dean’s future and force Colby to take the fall for his actions.

Home and Away is airing until Friday, November 20 in the UK, when the show will go on its annual break over the Christmas season. Scheduling for these episodes in early 2021 has yet to be confirmed by Channel 5.

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