Spoilers: Dean reveals why Amber hates Colby in Home and Away

Newcomer Amber (Madeleine Jevic) heads to the Bay this week in explosive new scenes which see her take on John’s (Shane Withington) carer duties in an aggressive way, chat up Dean (Patrick O’Connor) at the bar and punch Colby (Tim Franklin) in the face without any warning!

Her first scenes are at Marilyn (Emily Symons) and John’s (Shane Withington) house, where she banishes Marilyn from the property and takes on a no-nonsense attitude to his care. Unfortunately, John fires her on the spot for her attitude and she heads straight to the bar.

She soon begins to uncover old faces from her Mangrove River past – namely, Dean and Colby. While she has a lot of time for Dean – due to their steamy history – Colby is less lucky, as he is served her right hook the minute they bump into each other.

When Bella finds out a mystery newcomer punched her brother, she goes to confront Amber, but Amber makes it clear Colby deserved it. Overhearing the fiery confrontation, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) questions Dean – what on earth did Colby do to deserve a punch?

Dean reveals that Amber’s brother passed away while Colby was with him, and events went down which Colby could have prevented – so Amber holds him responsible for her brother’s death. In fact, Amber confirms her hatred by proclaiming to Colby that she will never forgive him for letting her brother die…

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