Spoilers: Dean rushes his son Jai to hospital in Home and Away

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has recently been left stunned after Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) broke up with him following the devastating revelation that he was an accessory to murder. What’s more, she reminds him he has been lying to her their entire relationship as he didn’t tell her the truth about Ross’ (Justin Rosniak) death. 

After time away from the Bay, Dean returns to a grilling from Amber (Madeleine Jevic) and John (Shane Withington), who are angry that he has been neglecting his duties as a father and business owner. What’s more, Ziggy is annoyed Dean abandoned her father’s business. 

When Amber corners him, she forces him into saying where he stands on co-parenting Jai (River Jarvis). She then surprises him by offering that he has Jai overnight. Initially, Dean presumes Amber must be staying over too, but she drops him off that evening before leaving.

The visit goes well to begin with, but Jai tells Dean he isn’t feeling well and his temperature soars. A panicked Dean tries to call Amber, but she won’t pick up. He grabs Ziggy and she reluctantly offers her assistance, realising it’s an emergency.

Ziggy calls Tori (Penny McNamee), who gives Jai a checkup and says he needs to be taken to hospital. Jai tells Dean he is scared as he is loaded onto a hospital bed – how will Dean cope with his first test as a father and will Jai pull through?

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