Spoilers: Does Angelo suspect Colby and Taylor’s secret in Home and Away?

Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) and Colby (Tim Franklin) have been carrying out an affair right under Detective Angelo Rosetta’s (Luke Jacobz) nose for the last few weeks as the murder investigation rumbles on. As Colby obtains information on the case from Taylor, she does her best to keep her husband in the dark.

When Taylor goes to meet Angelo, she asks how the case is going and is shocked when Angelo says he’s convinced Colby is guilty. She takes the information back to Colby, who immediately denies it – and Taylor apologises for asking if he did it.

She reassures him that Angelo doesn’t have any evidence on him, which gives Colby all the answers he needs. However, when he arrives at home the next morning, Angelo is waiting for him. He is also wondering where Taylor was, and she barely manages to keep it together.

When Taylor and Angelo go to breakfast, Angelo becomes suspicious when she defends Colby, calling him a good man who’s just looking out for his family. Then, when he discusses the case a little more, Taylor drops information she shouldn’t know.

Taylor quickly turns her statement into speculation on her part, saying she was just curious about the case, but it’s clear Angelo isn’t going to let it drop. Is he beginning to suspect Taylor is hiding something from him?

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