Spoilers: Drunk Dean passes out at the wheel in Home and Away

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has been cast adrift in the aftermath of Colby (Tim Franklin) getting sent down for Ross’ (Justin Rosniak) murder. Willow (Sarah Roberts) has left the Bay after giving evidence against their friend in court, Bella (Courtney Miller) is struggling as much as him and Amber (Madeleine Jevic) has taken Jai (River Jarvis) away from him.

Turning to drink, he causes a scene in Salt before driving up to see Ziggy (Sophie Dillman). Despite her constantly telling him they don’t have a future, alcohol fuels his confidence that he can persuade her to come around. 

Ziggy is surprised to open the door to him, but her answers remain the same despite his arguments – ultimately, because he kept Ross’ murder secret for their entire relationship, she can’t move past it.

Dean reacts by abruptly turning away and getting in his car, much to Ziggy’s alarm. Realising he’s heavily intoxicated, she calls after him – but he either doesn’t hear or isn’t prepared to listen, starting up the vehicle and speeding away.

Ziggy rushes to Salt in an effort to find him, but Mac (Emily Weir) and Tane (Ethan Browne) haven’t seen him. Tane accompanies Ziggy to drive around and hunt him down, but the pair are alarmed when they see Dean’s car at the side of the road – with Dean himself slumped at the wheel…

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