Spoilers: Evan reveals a huge secret to Roo in Home and Away

Newcomer Evan (Cameron Daddo) has turned Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) world upside down by revealing he is his father. Suddenly keen to know about his son, Evan has decided to stick around in the Bay for a while to bond with him.

However, Ryder is suspicious of Evan’s motives, wondering why he has suddenly come into his life now that he’s an adult. He waits for Evan to explain himself, but whenever they go for drinks or walks, nothing is revealed.

Eventually, Ryder vents his frustration to Roo (Georgie Parker), who passes on the message to Evan that maybe he should leave Ryder alone. Similarly confused by Evan’s sudden presence, Roo questions why he’s really in the Bay.

Roo isn’t prepared for the answer she receives – Evan is dying. That’s the real reason he wants to get to know his son, before it’s too late. Roo tells Evan that he has to tell Ryder the truth about his health, but Evan is reluctant.

After Evan tells Ryder he doesn’t want to live with any regret, Ryder is persuaded to try and build bridges again. But Roo is angered when she finds out Evan didn’t tell his son the truth about his illness. Will Ryder find out before it’s too late?

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