Spoilers: Home and Away star reveals tragic ending in Evan story

With the devastating diagnosis Evan has been hit with in Home and Away, Georgie Parker has warned of a devastating journey ahead for him and her character Roo as he deteriorates – particularly with Roo worried about how losing him might impact Ryder.

Ryder has only just started to get to know his dad and Roo, after agonising whether it would help him have his dad in his life, eventually relented when she discovered that Evan’s time is limited.

But the first priority in her mind, despite the emotion surrounding Evan’s worsening condition, is how Ryder is going to be impacted in the aftermath.

Georgie told Metro.co.uk: ‘I think it’s such a traumatic thing to have someone admit that they know they are going to die and that they’re scared, but they want to try and do one meaningful thing before they go so there’s the pressure of time, the pressure of the decision he has made and there’s also the grim reality that someone is going to lose their life, so it was a very intense time for Roo!

‘The whole point of the story is that it doesn’t have a happy ending and that’s why it has the emotional resonance that it does because they’re all saying goodbye and that’s what Evan has come to do. He’s come to say goodbye with as much respect and love as he can.

‘I think Roo’s concern was always “How is this going to affect Ryder?” Because before it was just him and Roo was his main carer, he knew his mum, but ultimately he had the family unit that he always wanted in the Bay.

‘And then it’s almost like an intruder comes along and says “I want a piece of that – I want a piece of your life” and so I think Roo is concerned about that for Ryder, how will this impact him and is this going to derail him at all?’

It may be an arduous time for Roo, Evan and Ryder on-screen but Georgie, who is approaching her 10 year anniversary in the show, still relishes being delivered scripts packed with angst and emotion.

She enthused: ‘Oh look, to be honest as actors we were so excited because it’s so meaty and there’s so many different things to play with. It’s such a dramatic situation so we were all really looking forward to being able to explore all those emotions and really jumping to the storyline!


‘It’s so much more exciting than going to the Diner and asking for a coffee! Ray and Lukas and I were all really excited by the challenge that this storyline gave us so we just jumped at it, and Cameron Daddo (who plays Evan) was so good to work with, so it was easy really.’

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