Spoilers: Is Nikau leaving the Bay for New Zealand in Home and Away?

The Paratas have become a regular fixture in the Bay, with the exception of matriarch Gemma (Bree Peters) who has gone back to New Zealand to be with their family. Although Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is settled, it’s clear he misses his mum.

After a phone call with Gemma, Nikau tells Bella (Courtney Miller) that his mum wants him to return home to live with her in New Zealand. Bella is immediately thrown by the idea of her boyfriend leaving her.

She goes to speak to Ryder (Lukas Radovich) about the situation, and he is also not thrilled with the idea of losing his friend. However, he reminds Bella that Nikau still has a travel ban on his passport, and this gives her some hope.

Her good mood is soon dashed when she finds out Nikau has been to Colby (Tim Franklin) to discuss lifting the restriction on his passport – and he’s agreed to help. She has a go at Colby about it, and he tells her that the best course of action is to be supportive of whatever choice he makes.

Realising she could push Nikau away by dragging her feet, she goes back to the Parata household – where Nikau is expecting a row over the passport update. He is thrown when she acts maturely, saying she’ll support him no matter what. Is Nikau about to leave Bella behind and leave the country for good?

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