Spoilers: Is Ziggy friend-zoning Dean in Home and Away?

When Maggie (Kestie Morassi) returns to the Bay, she is happy to see that Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) are still doing well together. However, their relationship is struggling a little behind the scenes. When Willow (Sarah Roberts) shows up at the Pier Apartment, their date night is cancelled.

Willow realises that she has gotten in the way, but Ziggy deftly makes the situation better by ordering in pizzas and beer. Dean is grateful that he can be there for his friend, but wonders if he and Ziggy are losing the romance in their relationship.

To make matters worse, Ziggy is becoming much busier at work since Justin (James Stewart) began giving her more responsibilities. The change in routine is worrying to him, and he comes up with an idea to get them involved in a surfing competition. 

He asks her if she’d be keen, but she isn’t ready to take a few days off work just yet. Dean is determined to make the road trip happen, so he speaks with Justin while Ziggy is out of the garage and asks him if she can take the time off.

Justin agrees, saying that he’s learned the importance of work-life balance this year. However, when Dean happily relays the news to Ziggy, she is furious that he went behind her back. Has Dean put his foot in it?

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