Spoilers: Jasmine attacks Colby in a rage in Home and Away

Jasmine (Sam Frost) has been behaving increasingly strangely in recent weeks, pretending to be Grace’s mother in an online forum. She is outraged when she discovers Tori (Penny McNamee) left her car unattended for a few moments and had the vehicle stolen as Grace sat in the back seat.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) is similarly shocked when she finds out, but even though Grace is now safe, it’s clear Jasmine isn’t ready to forgive Tori. Meanwhile, Tori is angry when she sees Jasmine’s marketing photos for the new gym classes – with Jasmine posting with Grace.

Justin (James Stewart) tells Tori that Jasmine is being possessive and manipulative, and she goes to confront Jasmine. However, Jasmine gaslights Tori and accuses her of remembering what happened with the agreement for the photos incorrectly – of course Tori said Jasmine could pose with her…

Tori goes to Colby (Tim Franklin) to seek advice, and Colby asks Jasmine as her friend to remove the gym photos. However, Jasmine stubbornly maintains she isn’t in the wrong – and when she is confronted by Tori and Colby, her anger reaches a crescendo.

Tori watches on in horror as Jasmine scratches Colby’s face, drawing blood. Willow (Sarah Roberts), also watching, realises that enough is enough – she finally reveals the truth about Jasmine’s online behaviour. An outraged Tori sees the posts and is horrified – why has Jasmine been pretending to be Grace’s mum?…

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