Spoilers: Jasmine creates a fake mum profile online in Home and Away

Jasmine (Sam Frost) is going through the wringer emotionally after a turbulent few months where she has lost both her husband and a hysterical pregnancy, which gave her some comfort that perhaps she would still have a part of Robbo (Jake Ryan) living on.

While her erratic behaviour has apparently subsided, with her friends content that she is beginning to settle back into a normal routine, Jasmine is secretly struggling with some other feelings which she is letting out online.

At work, Tori (Penny McNamee) is clearly stressed while talking on the phone with Marilyn (Emily Symons). Jasmine asks what’s up, and Tori reveals that Grace is teething – so proving to be more difficult both day and night at the moment. Jasmine is left with food for thought.

Later, we see Jasmine log into a mothers’ forum and begin creating a new thread. She posts about how her daughter is struggling with teething – as if she is Grace’s mother. Eagerly awaiting responses, Jasmine is pleased to receive suggestions from her ‘fellow’ mums.

However, the situation backfires when Tori heads into the Diner, tired from a long shift, and sees Jasmine putting a carrot slice into Grace’s mouth. Panicking, she rushes to grab her baby and publicly shames Jasmine, telling her that her daughter could have choked…

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